Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another Foggy Morning

How lucky can I get? So many foggy mornings in a row! And what's best, when it's foggy here it might look cold but it's really very mild. I only took picture of wildlife this morning and we saw quite a bit.
Don't you love that splash of red from the cardinal? He was signing his little heart out for us. Well, probably  not for us, but for his girl who was probably somewhere close by.
A great blue heron in full flight. They are such elegant looking birds. Until they start squawking with a gravely voice that does not go with the sleek look of them.
I think that was a red-winged blackbird on the tip of that tree but I'm not sure. I always marvel that they can sit so still on those tiny branches.
The photo above is looking out into the Savannah River. In the fog, you can't make out where the water ends and the fog begins. I think there were some birds sitting on those pilings.
Winslow, the biggest wildlife of all! :) He was wondering if he should chase the snowy egret that landed right in front of him. He decided he probably wouldn't stand a chance as he hasn't figured out how to fly yet...
And then there were the deer in the mist. There was actually a very majestic stag looking right at us a little earlier, but he was too fast in his getaway for me to get a picture. He was gorgeous! This group of deer didn't mind us walking by at all. They knew there was a nice-sized ditch between us and them.
As we got close to the parking lot, the heavens opened up for about 30 seconds of warm pouring rain. It's amazing how soaked we got in that short of a time. It reminded me of being a kid and going out to play in the warm summer rain. Winslow and I ran back to the car - me laughing and him jumping all around me. A very fun walk indeed!!

I wish you a beautiful day filled with everything that makes you happy and brings you joy!!



  1. There is nothing more beautiful than nature cloaked in a mist. These are wonderful pictures and I love that your cardinal was singing already ... spring will come earlier for you than me.

    Winslow is beautiful and I love the picture you painted of you and Winslow running and laughing in the rain. That is how people dream of life ... I too love the rain, though I don't go out in it much anymore. When I was younger running and splashing in the puddles was a must on a rainy day. You paint beautiful pictues with your words as well as beautiful photos. You too should have a wonderful, joyful day.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Another day of beautiful walk-in-the-fog photos.

    And I love your attitude. Get soaked with a quick rain, but laughing about it. Yesssss!!!!!


  3. I have a sort-of-foggy-look, outside my window. But it's made up of snow. -chuckle-


  4. lovely photos, I like foggy mornings.

  5. Wunderbare Nebelbilder! Den Kardinal kenne ich nur aus Büchern... solchen möchte ich gerne mal hier vorm Fenster haben -

  6. More enchanting pictures from that magic Land of Mist - wonderful, thank you!
    Warm rain; yes, we used to do that as kids, too: get into our swimwear and skip and jump about in it.

  7. Absolutely love these shots you got in the mist! Isn't fog wonderful when you arent driving/??