Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kitty Love

With our animals there's never a shortage of photo apps. The day we returned from our little road trip, Ramses decided he would not leave my lap, so I snapped a few pictures.

Of course, he always loves to help me knit...
Deep in meditation!
And we're knitting again...
Our two outdoor kitties, Louie (on the left) and Tucker at a stand off. They are two semi-feral cats who have adopted us. And it seems that both are here to stay.
Louie is a total snuggler and Tucker is becoming incredibly playful and trusting.
See what I said about Louie and snuggling - he found his place on Daniel's lap. And once he's settled, he can stay that way for hours getting his belly rubbed. Too cute!

With loud purring, our three kitties send you much love and wish you an amazing Thursday...



  1. Die sind soooo süss! Wir bekommen bald auch noch ein Kätzchen zu unserer Nella dazu. Das kl.Katerchen wurde einfach "weggeworfen", von einer lieben Katzenmama zufällig gefunden. Sie hat den Kleinen gesund gepflegt und für Robert ausgesucht.
    Wir freuen uns schon drauf.
    liebe Grüsse, hier ist es zur Zeit sehr, sehr heiss

  2. Liebe Silke,


    Sonnige Grüße

  3. I didn't know feral cats would be able to trust and snuggle like this. Way to go, all of you!


  4. Three beauties!
    I was happy to have two cats to cuddle every day when I was staying with my sister-in-law in Yorkshire last week. My old cat died more than a year ago, and I do miss her, but for practical reasons am not planning to have another pet right now.

  5. Lovely cats! We too have a group of animals, rescues all. 2 dogs and 7 cats. :)