Sunday, July 28, 2013

A simple list...

... of things related to Social Media, which I may never understand:

1. LinkedIn - I'm a member and I have lots of connections, but I'll be darned to know how to properly make use of it. I see some people posting things and have no idea how to do that.

2. ##Hashtags## - I don't understand them at all... Do people just make them up? And why?

3. Instagram - people use it like a blog. I still use my blog. Plus, I tried it and promptly forgot to use it.

4. Twitter - I have followers (quite a few) and I follow people (again, quite a few), but I don't have the time nor the inclination to constantly tweet about stuff. My blog posts get tweeted about automatically, but that's it for my involvement. And I think that's how it will remain.

5. Google+ - I did ok with regular Google, but I do not understand how Google+ works. At all.

6. Tumblr - I never quite caught on to that one.

7. Flickr - again, some people use it so wonderfully and I love looking through their images. Some use it like a blog and belong to groups and such. I have uploaded some of my art, but that's where it all stops. Hmmm....

I think the main problem I have is that it's time consuming to learn about all these things and I'd rather be painting or reading or cooking with my time.

However, it could also be that some people have figured out how to post once and have it post to many different social media sites. I haven't figured that out yet.

In the end, I come back to Blogger and Facebook and sometimes Pinterest to connect with my friends and get inspired.

How savvy are you with all of this? What do you like most? Any recommendations?

P.S. And just because I don't like a post without a photo, here is one Daniel snapped yesterday of a very happy me about to bite into an almond croissant... 


  1. Ha!Ha! You have some of the same questions I had about some social media sites. I'm 'LinkedIn' to, but don't understand what the whole promoting thing is about, or how to do it properly!!!...Hashtags I get! YAY for me! Putting a # before whatever subject you want to talk about lets you 'pool' all the other tweeters talking about the same thing on Twitter. I hashtag my boutonnieres and 'crochet' all the time, so that if anyone goes to Twitter and just wants to see the tweets of other people's crochet...there I am! ^_^ ...Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr and Google+ are a mystery to me...that shall remain so! LOL...I know why I don't know about them...It is the time...and lack of inclination or caring to know about them!! ^_^ Good Post....Carry On And Eat Croissants!! :-)

  2. I'm with you!! Blogger and FB take up enough time on the computer--not interested in all the rest of it--would much rather spend my time making art!!

  3. Great picture, Silke! You could be the face for the almond croissant bakery's promotional campaign :-)

    Social Media: I use blogger for my private online life, and XING for business. That's it. Don't need any more, don't want any more. As you say, it is very time-consuming.
    Twitter: I don't really see the point. Facebook and Google+: both a no-no for me because of the way personal data is used by the companies without the person's knowledge or explicit permission. LinkedIn: That's XING for me.

  4. Huhu Silke,
    wer die Wahl hat, hat die Qual. Ich habe mein Bloggerprofil mittlerweile mit Google + verknüpft. Das gefällt mir ganz gut. Außerdem bin ich noch bei Pinterest angemeldet und bei Tiwtter. Hab zwar für einen Blog eine "FB-Fanpage", aber die wird wenig besucht. Ich werde sie wohl wieder löschen.

    Blogs lese ich mittlerweile über Bloglovin. Das ist sehr übersichtlich. Hier kann man übrigens die Leseliste von Blogger importieren.

    Blog-Connect biete ich zwar an, bin aber wenig auf dem Portal. Ist mir zu umständlich.

    LG Sabine

  5. Liebe Silke,

    ich habe mir einige Sachen angeschaut, aber am liebsten ist
    mir das Bloggen über Google.
    Alles andere wird zu viel.

    Alles Liebe

  6. I am in the same boat as you - my blog is my connection plus occasional visits to Facebook. The thing that sucks up my time on the internet seems to be Pinterest - LOVE Pinterest!!

  7. Beautiful, happy photos of you!! Linked in I don't get...twitter my daughter gets so many free things from it, she's had complaints resolved on it, she's been upgraded in hotels and given things for her hubbys birthday. She's shouted out many compliments to businesses with good service!! So if you know how to use it then it's wonderful...also a great marketing tool! I have it but would rather be creating. I kind of feel there is way too much info on us out there as it is...
    Instagram I did exactly what you did.... Poestes nailed hash's to link you up to whatever subject interests you...yes many random made up ones are actually changing the face of language as we know it!! It's all pretty cool but a lot to keep up with...the kids are faster at it than I am... it's almost info overload... I think we have to blog is priority...

    Great post!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Silke, photos of you are ALWAYS so cute!!!
    I'm with you all the way. Facebook and Blogging!!! I just don't have time for all that other stuff. I am so glad that you are still blogging as so many have given it up. I still enjoy blogging and reading what others are doing.