Monday, April 4, 2011

This 'n' That

Yesterday, the weather was perfectly gorgeous, which was good because we had a kayaking outing planned to a secret island. 
Notice how we have no photos from our trip there? That's because it was such a chore kayaking across and up the Savannah River that we had no time for photos. We were going against the tide and the strong river current.

If you got swept out to sea your next stop would be Africa! Well, not quite, but I wasn't going to let that river take me in the wrong direction because ... well, because Daniel had all the food in his kayak! You all know how much I like to eat...and that's just what we did when we got to the island.
After lunch, we wandered around for a couple of hours looking for fossilized sharks teeth, bones and what ever else we could find.
I cannot tell you how heavenly it was being with a group of like-minded people...
and at the same time being able to wander off in complete solitude.
It was so peaceful!
After this big freighter came by,
we decided to make our way back across the river.
This time it was much easier going with the current, although against the tide once again.
Here I am paddling away - it was wonderful!!
And here are the treasures everyone found. By far, the most exciting find was the spearhead, which one of the ladies found! I found the big bone in the middle, Daniel found a fossilized stingray barb, and the three whelk shells are ours as well.  Yeah!!
In other news, Winslow and Ramses were enjoying the sunshine as well, spending most of the weekend outside!
And the wrens built a nest in the same place as last year - the hanging fern right outside our front door. I was so happy to see them back. You wouldn't believe how fast they built that little nest - only took them about a day! Such busy little birds...
And ... big drum roll please ... today I had my first drawing class, which was sooo much fun!! After our professor lectured about drawing in general, we actually started drawing - standing up at an easel! WOW!! We drew lines and figure eights and circles and finished the class with a couple of blind contour drawings, which were very interesting to do.

In blind contour drawing, you look at the object you are drawing and not at all at the paper. Then, as your eyes follow every line of your object, you draw those lines on your paper without lifting up the pencil. First we drew our hands and then a skeleton's leg and foot. Both drawings looked nothing like the objects, but my professor thought they were very good. I cannot tell you how hard it was not to peak at what I was drawing - and the finished pieces made me chuckle...

That's all the news from here for now. I hope that you are all doing well and wish you a wonderful week ahead!!

P.S. Thank you so much for all your encouraging comments on my last painting! I loved how some of you thought he was an athlete or dancer. Dancer was my first thought when he appeared on the canvas... I keep seeing something done with the background of that painting, so I think I'll work on it some more! I'll keep you updated.


  1. Wow, die Bilder von der Insel sind fantastisch. Es muss wundervoll sein, da zu wandern!

  2. Liebe Silke,

    das sehe ich mir später alles wieder an.
    Es ist besonders schön.

    Liebe Grüße
    Angela und Elisabeth

  3. We had wrens that built a nest in a hanging basket on our front porch and boy did they scold us whenever we came out the front door!!

  4. what a great day you had! the contour drawing sounds very interesting!!
    hope you have a great week, my friend!

  5. Wow! You busy girl you!! These pictures are wonderful and I am so happy you had a great time!! Your class sounds so fun! I would be tempted to peek too! :)

  6. what a dinner you must have had after that workout on the river! ( don't you love it when you've earned the right to eat?!)

    your drawing class for some reason reminded me of mine last summer: my first ever drawing of a nude, a male nude at that! i giggled to myself: how immature. :)

    silke, your water photo with those ripple mounds is spellbinding (the one before the hungry tree). it's a beauty.


  7. What a wonderful day!!! I LOVE the pile of treasures you found! You are very brave---canoes scare the bejeezus out of me!!!

  8. Superbes, vraiment superbes vos photos... j'adore les gros bois flottés... Vos petits trésors ... Je comprends aisément grâce à elles que vous ayez passé d'excellents moments... J'adore le repos du chien et du chat!
    Gros bisous

  9. The treasures you found are just wonderful! And how lovely that the wrens are back.
    Have a wonderful day!

  10. Fantastic treasures. It's nice to see someone enjoying the beach and the ocean. Wonderful spot, I would keep it secret too! xox Corrine

  11. Well, here I am a day late.... <:-\
    The river trip sounds like it was loads of fun! I love the photos of the patterns left in the sand after the water was down...beautiful! ( and so symmetrical too....amazing) What goodies you found in the area~~afraid I would have had to have been pulled away, kicking and screaming at twilight. I have always loved searching for things like that.
    Huzzah on the first drawing class! (and BTW--I hated contour drawing...I think it is that control issue and never could quite figure out the use of it but have had to do it numerous times...)
    You have a great life Silke!


  12. What a great trip you must have had. The pictures are wonderful. I love craggy piece of drift wood or pieces of treeit is big, yes?
    I love all ove your treasures. That is so cool!
    We have been very lucky here also with noce weather. Such a blessing to walk outdoors.
    I am so glad you are haivng fun in your class.
    I think I like the idea of blind drawing that sounds like fun!
    Have a great rest of the week.

  13. What a fun day! I can't believe all that awesome treasures you discovered. I am in love with that little wren nest. How sweet!!! :) Your furry babies look like they are enjoying the nice warm weather, too. Theresa