Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Mishmash

Here are some things that make me happy on this beautifully sunny and cool Sunday!

A new centerpiece for our outside table, created by Daniel! 
A black lizard inspecting the hydrangeas.
Actually, he was upside down like this:
Pretty impatiens planted in colorful pots (thank you, Daniel!). Actually, the pot in the back I painted with acrylic paints about four years ago - it's been outside ever since and has held up beautifully. I think I might paint some more of them...
Flowers in my kitchen.
Even more flowers in my kitchen!
Sweet Ramses contemplating life...
Winslow, inspecting my artwork!
And four originals that made it into my Etsy shop. Click here to take a look at all the originals and prints I am listing and adding to almost daily. I am getting my act together, people, and it feels great!!
Messenger of Hope,
acrylics on 12 x 24 inch wrapped canvas

Once Upon a Time
Acrylics on 8 x 10 inch wrapped canvas

In the Vortex
Acrylics & fiber paste on 5 x 7 inch wrapped canvas

Earth Angel
Acrylics on 11 x 14 inch wrapped canvas
I am in my studio today making more art and sketching for my class tomorrow. I hope you are all having a most relaxing and creative Sunday!!


  1. Look at all the flowers! :-) Your garden is really coming alive with the signs of Spring! How nice...I like your little reptile visitor too! :-) Have a good rest of the day Silke!

  2. Love all of this, but especially the lizard!!

  3. Liebe Silke,

    da warst du fleißig - wunderschön.

    Feiert man bei euch auch viel Ostern?

    Liebe Grüße
    Angela und Elisabeth

  4. Good morning pretty! I love the way you notice the little things that matter. What a beautiful day but I am still in bed in my jammies and computer on my lap because I am on call and got paged before I had the chance to wake up. I see a beautiful day. Your post inspires me to get up and go outside. Maybe I will set up my laptop in the garden!!! YAY! Remain beautiful. Tsup!

  5. Silke,

    Once Upon a Time is really a lovely piece. Your work just continues to grow! Yay you!

    Talk soon? School's out the 13th of May...


  6. I love the first painting-the woman with the tree!!

  7. Enjoyed your mismash have a lovely day.

  8. Schöne Bilder - mein Favorit "Earth Angel" - die Farbwahl ist sehr schön - dir eine schöne und kreative Woche sowie viel Spaß beim zeichnen, Inge

  9. Oh, Silke, how I miss the little lizards. I loved watching them skitter across our porches and up and down the sides of the house. I couldn't take enough pictures of them. So cute.
    Your flowers are so pretty right along with your paintings. It sounds like a beautiful day for relaxing in your yard.
    ♥ audrey

  10. Lovely portraits all, even the lizard one, so cute. xox Corrine

  11. Messenger of hope gefällt mir gut. Das íst ein etwas anderer Stil als bei deine anderen Bilder.
    Hab eine schöne Woche

  12. Those are indeed things to be happy about! Love all your new art pieces. :) Theresa

  13. lovely signs of spring from the looks of it. lizards are always fun to spot, they are fairly rare here but an occasional sighting happens. I love your painting Once Upon A Time. Your price is more than reasonable, but my budget is tight. I need to sell something first out of my own etsy!

  14. Silke love these photos! And your new piece, "Messenger of hope" is just amazing!! You are always growing my dear friend!! xo

  15. Love your new pieces Silke...I just finished a new piece last night...and I'm excited!

    HUGS and Happy Monday!

  16. Hooray for Treasuries, and your new shop pieces are fantastic!!! And FINE job you did on that still life. Wow! I think you are blooming as beautifully as your garden. xoxo

  17. Oh Silke - the newest paintings look just beautiful in your art shop. What a wonderful collection you have exhibited there! I wish you the greatest success with your artistic ventures!

    Love seeing all the flowers and your little garden visitors! Winslow and Ramses are always adorable~~