Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Drawing WIP & Moth

I know that that's a weird blog post title, but that's how today has been... In drawing class right now, we are working on this intricate piece learning about value scales, which is h-a-r-d! And it takes so much patience... 
However, it's quite amazing how things start to read correctly through all the different shading. I'll be going in this weekend to work on it some more (this photo is only a small part of the whole drawing) - we have one more week before it's due. So far, so good!
Now to the moth part of the post... Early this morning, I was letting Ramses out and discovered this big polyphemus moth on our front porch.
I didn't even care that my legs became a smorgasbord for the mosquitoes - I just HAD to take some pictures. What a gorgeous creature!
So, today is one of those sloooooow days, when I feel like I never quite get going. Storms are moving in tonight and I can feel the pressure change. When they move out again after tomorrow, we are in for some gorgeous weather and I can't wait! It's been a little too much like humid Savannah summer for this northern girl...

I'm slowly making my way around your blogs and hope to visit more of you tonight! In the meantime, I hope you are all doing great!!

P.S. No change on the voodoo lily - it's growing taller, but no flower opening yet.


  1. Check outside this evening and see if your moth is back; we usually have them toward sunset. I love them!
    You drawing of shadow and light is coming fine~~don't worry, you're doing excellent!
    Okay, off to the races!


  2. That moth is soooo gorgeous! Don't you love it when wander upon something beautiful that gives you a new look at things?! I'm sure your whole day looked different after seeing the moth!! :-]

  3. Silke I love your drawing already. And the shading is so hard! I find that with painting as well! but when you finally get it. . . wow it all comes together! Cannot wait to see the whole piece when its done!

    We are expecting storms tomorrow here in NY as well. Looking forward to less humidity here too! Not liking the pea soup thing! lol

  4. That moth is amazing -- I can see why you were willing to brave the mosquitoes to get a shot of it. And I'm looking forward to seeing more of your drawing. I'm so glad you're enjoying the class. Here, it has been a slow day too. The fog has moved in, my errands are done, and I'm ready to kick back for the evening.

  5. Hi, dear! I've read that Van Gogh saw a night butterfly like that some night, and he wanted paint it, but, the animal fly and fly through the room and he couldn't paint it if it was moving all the time. Then, Vincent wrote to his brother Theo: "It was wonderful, and I wanted paint it, but, I would have to kill it, and I didn't want to do that. I just let it go".

    Sorry for my bad English, I hope you understood :-) Kiss!

  6. What would you say the wingspan is?

  7. The moth is amazing-a little scary to me.

  8. Hi Silke, your drawing is looking good. And that moth IS such a beauty! Sorry I am so late in visiting with you - I'm on a blog tour, too! Theresa

  9. OMG silke, you'll be able to draw folded napkins like nobody's business! :%) seriously, this looks as hard as it surely is!

    i am ever enjoying your enthusiasm about your drawing class and your own 'class' as an emerging artist. i've been amiss and remiss tackling a few of life's challenges but i'm glad to arrive here and see you are holding a pencil. i love pencils!


  10. What a spectacular moth!!!
    Your drawing already looks fab to me...

  11. Ohh Silke, der Falter ist so etwas von schön! Und ich hoffe, Ihr übersteht die Stürme unbeschadet, was wir hier in den Nachrichten aus den Staaten hören, klingt gar nicht gut:-(

  12. That moth is amazing. great shot. Drawing class looks like quite the challenge, but you seem to be really thriving in it and enjoying yourself fully. Great work here, I admire your determination. xox Corrine

  13. Heyyyy, your drawing is coming along well! I always knew you were a gal with good values.

    And holy moly, that is some large moth! Beautiful!

    Hope the storm's not too bad. Great excuse to stay indoors and bake something yummy. :)

  14. hi silke, your drawing is amazing! i can't wait to see all of it!

    hope you are safe and happy, my friend!