Saturday, June 12, 2010

Three Simple Pleasures

1. My honey up and about again with only a light bandage on his knee, making a most delicious buttermilk mango shake.
2. Abundant flowers from the garden.
3. The perfect blueberry pie! You know a pie is good when it's (almost) as much pleasure making it as it is eating it.
Here's to simple pleasures! Wishing you many!!


  1. Mmmmm, I love mangoes and I love blueberries - they're in season now and I have to go pick some...if it only weren't so hot...

    oh, and of course, I do love flowers! I have some Gardenias here now, but they're almost all gone...have a wonderful day and I'm glad to see your husband's up and around again :-)

  2. Here's to life's pleasures, simple or otherwise! Love your zinnias! Glad Daniel is up and about - hope he will speedily recover.

  3. I too am a big fan of simple pleasures :)

    best wishes for good health and fun.

  4. So glad that your hubby is doing well after his little surgery -(well - is any surgery ever little?!!!) Could he send one of those mango shakes over this way - Yummy! And that pie - oh my, oh my!


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  6. Hello Silke, I am glad for you and Daniel everything went fine with the surgery. I do love simple pleasures,too and a blueberry pie definitely can be added to this. Have a nice week, Inge

  7. So glad Hubby is up and at 'em!!! (now keep him under control....)
    Yes it is the simplest of pleasures that make life full, rich and overly GOOD! ♥♥♥
    Take care~~


  8. I concur, there's nothing like the simple pleasures. Years ago, I kept a gratitude journal and just the other day, I resurrected it out of my stacks. Wow, talking about simple pleasures...glad I haven't changed in that department!! LOL Glad to see hubby up and around...the shake sounds wonderful and the pie, need I say more!!


  9. Oh YAY and a YIPPEE again! I am missing one simple pleasure this morning...our coffee maker suffered a premature death. Hubby is out right now buying a new one. I need my coffee.
    **blows coffeeless kisses** Deb

  10. Hello, dearest Silke,

    Welcome back. Thank you for your visits dear. I have not been bogging much even though I am posting the Shed A Tear Series, something I had brewing for a while. Thank you for your visits.

    I am glad to see Daniel is up and about. Well he is getting the best care from you.

    The pie looks delicious!

    You are always busybusybusy! You energize me.

    Take care dearest Silke. Hope this is the start of a lovely week!

  11. Very delightful, Silke! That pie looks AMAZING! Your honey looks nice and well-rested. And the flowers are gorgeous. Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Theresa :)

  12. Glad to see D up and about! What pretty flowers! And that pie -- looks delicious! I agree with you about simple pleasures. The big things in life come along only occasionally, but the simple pleasures are available to us each and every day. Your post is a good reminder to me to seek out more simple pleasures today. Have a good day/week!