Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fitting in

I've been participating in Summer Colours Week over at the beautiful Poppytalk blog. They have set up a Flickr Group where you can upload your photos (a certain color every day) and in the evening they highlight their favorites on their blog. On pink day, my good friend Beth's photo was included (click here to see it on her blog). She is quite the photographer!

When I look at the photos uploaded to the Flickr group, I think that my photos don't fit in. Most photos taken are so dreamy and have that look that's all so popular now - slightly faded, more pastel than clear color, and a little aged. That just isn't me. I like clear colors and bright colors. So, last night I thought I'd just give up and not upload anything else for the rest of the colors.

But then, this morning, 123cabezas included one of my very colorful scarves in a very bright Etsy treasury.
If you click here, you can leave a comment if you want to! Such a nice boost this morning. So, now, I'm going to go upload my green images to the Summer Colours Flickr group!

Maybe I don't take photos that fit the most popular look, but I like them! And isn't that way more important than fitting in?!

P.S. Thank you all so much on your very enthusiastic comments on my latest painting. I am having so much fun with this and your support makes it even better!!


  1. Congrats on making the treasury! :)

  2. Shoot what you love. There is no sense in wasting good time on photography that is not YOU.
    And besides, if everyone is doing the same things, how does your work stand out???? ;)
    Congrats on making one of the Etsy treasuries!!!


  3. I think your photos are lovely!! You know I just adore the butterfly picture. If all the pictures in Summer Colours looked the same, it would be very boring. Kind of like if all people were the same, it would be a boring world. Contrast rocks!! It's always better to be yourself than to try to be like someone else. You are great just as you are, and so are your photos!!

    P.S. Thanks for plugging my blog. ☺

  4. Wonderful treasury - congratulations! :) Congrats on joining the Flickr group - your photos are lovely. I am sure people will enjoy them! :) Theresa

  5. congrats to you - what a lovely surprise !

  6. Congrats, Silke! I agree with Beth - if everyone did the same thing - how boring! You just be yourself and do your thing - because it is you, it is great!

  7. I have just started to experiment with photography as a way of expressing my creative side. While I have joined several flickr groups, I am quite reluctant to post any of my own images, as I just don't think my talent matches others. But I absolutely love looking at all the photographs and obtaining new ideas to try myself. I will have to investigate the Summer Colours group this afternoon.

  8. I happen to LOVE your photos and your scarves. Congratulations oh Beautiful One!!! **kisskiss** Deb

  9. I agree...stick to what you love Silke! BTW I looked at the photos in the flickr group and I soooo think they do fit in, theyre lovely :-)

  10. never give up.
    never give up.
    rearrange. reconfigure. replenish.

    this is what i learn and am reminded of when i come to visit you.

    silke, i love that you jumped back in. and i agree totally with anne: snap what you love! here i am snapping away on automatic because all i know is point and shoot. but manohman does it make me happy.

    i owe you an email. patience required, (mine, not yours!)

    i wish i could show you my pictures of herzogenaurach. they were damaged in a cellar flood years ago, and i'm not about to ask my ex husband for his!!!


  11. congrats on your treasury Silke!!

    And who wants to fit in and be a wallflower anyway, stand out from the crowd I say ;)

    Micki x

  12. How nice! Congratulations on being in that beautiful, glitterying, shiny and bright Treasure (I commented!) I think your scarf is lovely and fits right in with that treasury.

    I agree with you in that I also prefer to please myself than go with the more popular trends. If I don't enjoy what I do then it's all a waste of time - and time is simply too precious of a commodity!

    I enjoyed your newest painting as well...sorry, I've been behind with visiting and commenting everyone...(shame on me)

    Have a great day, dear Silke :-)

  13. Congratulazioni!!!

    Ciao beautiful artist friend,
    E xx

  14. Do what suits you! I love bold colors, but I also like pink but don't have very much of that in my house as some people do, and I'm not a baby blue either! You have beautiful it off!!

  15. Yay..this is fabulous..lovely colors...your scarves are eye candy..wonderful news!Follow your bliss and make magic the way you know how!

  16. What a beautiful collection of colors - and yes, I did just pop right over and leave a comment! Your scarf is lovely - I love that yarn - thik I even have some as well! I made a similar scarf in lt blue tones. This truly is a beautiful collage of pictures - you should frame this!