Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Loving right now...

1. Our aging hydrangeas.
2. Our blueberry bushes actually gifting us with a few blueberries in their first year.
3. Our fig tree growing enough figs this year for us AND the birds.
4. Still loving reading it - can't believe it took me so long!
5. I'm really loving some new German blogs!

Do you remember my good friend Verena? I wrote about her here.

Well, she has a really fun and interesting blog, Gerlindes Blog, about life with her girls (click here to visit). AND ... she's gotten several of her friends to start blogging as well.

So, my German-speaking friends, make sure you visit them.

They are:

Carmen's Stilgeflüster - an inspiring blog about fashion and style and how to find your own. It's and area where I can use some help and visits to Carmen's blog are always informative and inspiring!

Elisabeths Welt - a new and very active blog about the life and thoughts of two sisters in Germany!

Besonders Gewöhnlich - an endearing blog by another Elisabeth about life with her family. The really fun part is that some of her posts are written by her children! Just wonderful!!

This is connecting me back into life in Germany in a way that's different from being connected with my family. I love it!! Go visit them!

6. Yesterday we finally (what took us so long?!?) watched It's Complicated and it made us both laugh out loud. Meryl Streep is one amazing actress! Click here for the movie trailer.

7. Still loving:
Click here for the trailer. I love everything about this show - the beautiful people, country side, sense of humor, colors, their accents - just wonderful! (By the way, we are watching the DVD's of the show from Netflix, since we don't have cable TV. We are still on season 1!)

8. Ramses teaching me how to properly enjoy life.
9. All of your visits and sweet comments! How did I get to be so lucky?!?


  1. What a fun post, Silke! It's good to take time to appreciate the little things in life, isn't it? And it's fun for all of us when you turn your blog into a gratitude journal to be shared with the world. ☺

    I have not yet seen It's Complicated, but I really want to. I think Meryl Streep is the most talented actress on the planet. Everything she does, she does well.

  2. Die Blogs muss ich mir doch direkt anschauen. Danke für den Tipp - und Deine Blumen sind immer wieder traumhaft. LG Stefanie

  3. Loved this post Silke!! Thank you for all the links. We watched 'It's Complicated' a few weeks ago and enjoyed it too. Any movie with Streep in it is worth watching.

  4. Sweet summer, I love it. I need to slow down...soon, very soon.
    Thanks for posting my give-a-way!! i hope you are one of the winners too! I'd love to see you wearing your artwork proudly!
    Loves and hugs,

  5. I wish I can hear you you pronounce the names of your German friends and hear you speak German.

    Oh Silke what a lovely post. So serene and peaceful. I envy you. My schedule is so stretched and stressed! Ack! Summer is the peak season for our department so we are all over the place implementing projects left and right. I can't get myself to start painting and I miss painting very much. It is making me sad and angry. Argh!

    Enjoy the rest of the week, Silke1 Tsup.

  6. Yes! Yes! EOY. I am scrambling to meet my goals which have been changed so many times because of project changes. But Blueberry tart and the kaffe-thingy sounds delicious! HAHAHA!

    I am whitling my Inbox and if I get tired, I may just deleted the entire Inbox. HAHAHAHAHA!

  7. YES! I am laughing so loud right now because I just read a comment Bella made at Vee's. HAHAHAHA! And now here you are making me hungry. I do not have peach ice cream and I ate the last piece of apple pie for BREAKFAST this morning.HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  8. Well, I just ate a Snickers bar ad I am drinking coffee!!! HAHAHAHA!

  9. Meryl Streep ist meine Lieblingsschauspielerin. Ich schaue mir jeden Film mit ihr an.
    Das Buch von E. Gilbert werde ich mir mal ansehen.
    Und Danke für Punkt 5 in deiner Liste!
    Liebe Grüße an dich und Daniel von Verena, Gerlinde, Charlotte und Constanze

  10. Love those hydrangeas - I would pick them right now and let them dry inside the house, to preserve their beauty for a while...
    Also love the photo of your porch - so comfy looking and Ramses is a sweetheart!

  11. Oh, Danke für den netten Punkt %. Ich hab schon bei Verena geschrieben, was ich an Dir so mag. Susanne sagt immer,dass ich nun eine Blogfreundin in Amerika habe, und sie hat eine Brieffreundin...die jetzt wieder nach Deutschland kommt.
    Es ist schön so.
    Viele Grüße

  12. Hallo Silke,

    vielen Dank für die Erwähnung in Punkt 5!!!
    Es freut mich das ich dich inspirieren kann.

    Liebe Grüße, Carmen

  13. What a great post, Silke, and so much great information...I watched the trailer and put it on top in my Netflix Que, so I'll be watching it next. It does look very funny. Alec Bladwin cracks me up...I don't know why. I think it's funny how actors who used to be "sexy" now look just like ordinary people when they get older and it's difficult to imagine how they once were a sex symbol...I bet they dont' think it's funny, though (he, he, he) I guess eventually even a super star has to come down to earth and become a mere mortal in the end...

    Have a lovely day :-)

  14. Hi Silke...aww...Ramses is just way too cute! Lovely post...yay..i will check out those blogs! Wonderful! Glad you are enjoying so many gifts and treasures right now..
    Have a sparkling day!

  15. I am seriously crushin' on your deck!!! Why have we not seen that before??? Beeeeeeeeutiful, just like you. I want hydrangeas and a blueberry bush. They would just be stirfry out here. **blows kisses** Deb

  16. What a fun and cheerful post. I love your list. Glad you have so many wonderful things to enjoy. Isn't it wonderful having a good book to read?

  17. How lovely everything is...while i was reading this i was thinking what perfect neighbors you and Daniel would be. with your gentle natures and charming gardens (and porches), sweet pets...everything seems to blossom around you two.
    I LOVE the First Ladies Detective Agency, every book and dvd. I think Alexander Mcall Smith has done a fantastic job of capturing the Africa that he knows and loves (me too) so well. It IS Botswana!

  18. How sweet! I really liked It's Complicated - Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin together are just too funny. Our bushes haven't produced ANY blueberries. :( We have gotten lots of black raspberries and so I made my hubby's favorite pie tonight. Have a great weekend! Theresa :)

  19. Hahahaha. Cats sure know how to relax, don't they?

    I recently learned about the fascinating mutual dependence figs and fig wasps have on each other. Did you know, each ripe fig once had a female wasp crawl into it and lay her eggs? And that each species of fig tree has its own species of fig wasp to pollinate it? Aaah, I love figs! Mmmmmmm


  20. I started leaving a comment then remembered that I wanted to see the #1 Ladies Detective Agency. I don't get HBO :( I have been wanting to see It's Complicated for a long time, just need the time! I love figs, and I have one that keeps coming back although it is small. I guess it would do better now if I went ahead and took it out of the pot! Thanks for the info on the German blogs. I always like to go to German blogs as it has really been helping me with my German! Oh, I'll be sending you an email shortly too.
    Bye for now!

  21. What a great list. Your photos are wonderful, I adore hydrangea's! I've had Eat Pray Love for a year and just started reading it and liking it : )
    Aw, and Ramses...we can learn a lot from our animals, cant' we?


  22. That Ramses - he is hilarious. (Just wait till you meet my kitties in a bit - I have a kitty that looks like Ramses!) So glad you are a cat person too!

    I so want to watch the Ladies Detective Agency - it is on my list. I LOVE Netflex and right now I am watching a series called McLeods Daughters - watching that on my instant Roku netflex thing - (that is the most incredible thing yet!) Also watching on regular Netflex Foyles War - the Gardener and I are loving this series.

    Love that fig tree - think that is way cool!