Monday, June 14, 2010

Garden Interlude

Our hydrangeas are entering what I consider to be their most beautiful phase and I have to keep myself from snapping hundreds of photos...
As they age, their colors fade in the most gorgeous hues and they look like they are from a different time altogether.
May we all age this beautifully!!

Incidentally, today is my aunt Inge's birthday and it's only fitting that I wish her a Happy Birthday with these flowers as she is a passionate gardener and an enthusiast of all plants and flowers. I hope I will be as young as she is when I get to be her age!


  1. Silke, they are truly stunning! I love the colors. And I hope you are right - that we can all age as beautifully! :) Theresa

  2. Little garden envy going on here!!! We cannot grow hydrangeas in the desert. Yours are gorgeous, and I so agree they look like they came from another time. My canas are really putting a show now. I was just outside taking more pictures of them, probably as you were out taking pics of yours! How sweet to think....somewhere out there...beneath the same blue sky.... **kisses** Deb

  3. Wonderful pics - I especially love that last photo! Hydrangeas age so exquisitely, when the colours are muted and faded - just gorgeous.

    Wishing your Aunt all the best for her Birthday!

  4. Hallo Silke, du hast völlig recht, mögen wir alle so schön altern.
    Die bilder sind wunderschön.
    Hab eine tolle Woche

  5. Oh Happy Bday Aunt Inge! The flowers are beautiful; reminiscent of retro porcelain pieces. Just beautiful and thanks for sharing.

  6. I absolutely do not think you can have too many pics of the hydrangeas! Those are stunning, and love your three column format!
    Is the top one and Oak Leaf Hydrangea?
    I used to have PeeGees but they dies out; now just one of the blah old fashioned ones....which does get rather magical as the blossoms begin to dry..... ;)
    Tell the *patient* to behave......ha!


  7. Hi Silke,
    You share my love for hydrangeas! Hubby planted two outside my dining room window and this year they have finally leapt, but still far behind yours. Thanks for your darling comment about my painting, which sold this morning before I even had it listed!! I got an email asking why they couldn't find it on Etsy, my heart was so excited!! I changed her eyes to brown and it sold! Also a charm of the brown-eyed version! I will post photos soon, I like her with brown eyes!
    I used just about everything in that painting, acrylics, pencil, watercolor crayon, you name it and I put it in there! She was the most fun to make so far and I'm just tickled she sold! My favorite right now is playing with the water color crayons!
    Hugs and loves to you!

  8. Beautiful Silke..a wonderful tribute to your Aunt..and I loove hydrangeas too..they are so poetic and romantic and just pure deliscious!! Gorgeous photos!
    Enjoy your magical garden interlude!! thankyou!

  9. Lovely flowers! Happy Birthday to your aunt Inge :-) and many more ...

  10. These are amazing! Never have I seen them get so long!!! Hope you are joyous and well dear. Blessings.

  11. they really are beautiful Silke - one of my favorites for sure! Your photos are lovely!


  12. I have never seen elongated hydrangea blooms before. I love them. I did a drawing of a wild grove once.