Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Perfect Day

Today was a day of neighbors, planting, sharing, and baking bread. The weather was simply gorgeous and everyone was outside in our little neighborhood, which meant we got to catch up on what's been going on. Several of our neighbors have started ordering organic fruit, vegetables and dairy and Daniel and I joined their group today. We will get our first delivery on Monday and are so excited!

Have I mentioned that we have the best neighbors ever?! Last night, one of our neighbors and a dear friend brought over a huge piece of the most beautiful (and delicious) strawberry rhubarb pie. And today, another neighbor shared three different kinds of wheat berries with us.
I immediately ground some of the hard red spring wheat and made two loaves of bread, one to keep and one to share with this neighbor and her family. (Did I tell you she also gave us some "real" organic butter? Yummmm!)

Add to that a gorgeous walk in the sun, planting of vegetable seeds, painting a little, and spending time with Daniel -- the perfect day! I hope yours was just as wonderful!!


  1. OMG! Fresh baked bread from fresh ground wheat ... perfect! :)

  2. I am coming to your house...delicious. I wish I wouldn't have to be in a plan for 10 hours. LOL. Your neighbors sounds so nice. I have the same block of neighborly support. I could do it some weeks without them. Kara

  3. Isn't life also about sharing? I got hungry just looking at the food:-)