Thursday, April 30, 2009

Backyard Treasures

Our backyard is our potential "secret garden," but somehow it's hard to get much of anything to grow and thrive. We live in a subtropical climate with lots of summer heat, the backyard is completely shaded from large trees, and the soil is pretty much pure sand. Definitely a challenge! But still there are pockets of beauty with a promise of enchanted forest gardens to come. Our autumn fern in the picture above is coming back strong this year, as are our oak leaf hydrangeas, which are blooming for the first time!
The previous owners of our house left a few of these old windows in the back yard and we love them. I think we are going to hang window flower boxes beneath them.
This St. Francis statue was given to us as a wedding present 19 years ago and has graced every one of our gardens since! Here, he is collecting Spanish moss in proper Savannah fashion...
We planted the ivy in our back porch flower boxes a little over two years ago and can't believe how it keeps growing. It has even rooted on the ground, which is wonderful and gives us hope for more green to come!
As you can see, we have pockets of lush green and hopefully much more to come as our garden becomes more established and we add more an more plants...


  1. Everything looks so green and lovely at your place. I also like the old window. (I used to have one that I was planning to hang inside, but got rid of it during the last move.)Today I was appreciating the daffodils that someone had naturalized on a piece of grassy land across from their house in K'port. It's definitely spring!

  2. Very nice place, we also have a very shady yard and struggle with getting things to grow. Some things that do well for us besides ferns, much like yours, are are hostas, and climbing hydrangeas. I love your ivy and may have try one of those oak leaf hydrangeas.


  3. your home is gorgeous! I live pretty much in the exact opposite--- we have no trees and just bake! I long for shade! Have you tried Lily of the Valley? They are the sweetest little shade flowers...

  4. Shade and sand is a challenge, but it looks as if you are having some lovely successes. Beautiful gardens take patience and time. I love that you kept the windows,