Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Day of Surrender

I said I was going to write from the heart, so here it is. Today, is a rough day for me. My sweetie is in Mississippi at a conference. Yesterday, he developed a really bad cold and - aside from some long distance energy healing and some encouraging words - there's nothing I can do for him. On top of that, they are expecting very bad storms in Mississippi this afternoon - again, nothing I can do about that. And here at home as well - strong storms expected all afternoon and evening, and nothing I can do about that except have our weather radio turned on and be ready to take cover if needed. I like to feel as though I have control, and I believe that I do over my own personal life, but today I bow to Mother Nature and ask her to take care of us and protect us as we get to witness some of her immense power and fury!


  1. I'm sending good thoughts your way! We're in the same bowing-to-mother-nature mode in Alaska. Redoubt Volcano keeps errupting so we're all walking around with dust masks handy and ready to hunker down in our homes in case of heavy ash-fall. It's awesome in the true sense of that word to witness & be subject to these things.

    Take care! xo ~ Karen

  2. Sorry to hear you've been fretting. Hope sunny skies greet you tomorrow.

  3. I forgot to ask about the photo. Where was that taken?