Monday, November 11, 2013


Dear Friends, with this painting in progress (I adore the colors in this one!), I am going on official blog break. 
We have family arriving in less than three weeks and then we'll be traveling until a couple of days before Christmas.
That means that in the next three weeks (which include a quick trip to Atlanta), we have to finish ALL of our Thanksgiving AND Christmas preparations. 
Plus, Daniel leaves for three months to teach in France right after Christmas so we have to get him fully prepped for that as well. (No worries, I'll be joining him later in the spring for a nice Europe vacation!)
I may pop in to read your posts from time to time, or for the occasional post myself if something really wonderful is happening, but otherwise I wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

See you for sure again in 2014, and before then if time allows!

I appreciate all of you and will be thinking of you often and fondly!! Whishing you much joy, happiness and peace in the upcoming season...



  1. Liebe Silke,
    das Bild ist fantastisch. Ein tränendes Auge ♥♥♥
    LG Sabine

  2. Have fun and enjoy life during the upcoming busy times! See you next year when you're back in the blogosphere.

  3. Glad to know you can suspend blogging without angst . Have a great time with everyone and everything


  4. Liebe Silke,

    ich wünsche dir eine wunderbare Zeit mit deiner Familie. Habt frohe Weihnachtsfeiertage und kommt prima ins neue Jahr.

    Allerbeste Grüße


  5. Dear Silke, sounds like you have an over flowing plate right now! I will miss your posts as I'm kind of taking a back seat for a bit on my blog I thought this would be a good time to try and keep up with all my blogging sisters blogs :D And here your taking a break as well! :D Well, Happy Turkey Day; The Best and Brightest Christmas ever; and a New Year's calendar filled with creative projects, classes and lots of creative fun!
    I'll be on the lookout for a stray post here and there... until 2014...
    Giant Hugs my dear blogging sister,
    Beth P

  6. Hello, dear Silke!
    Hope you have a wonderful break and very happy holidays!
    Take care!

  7. Silke- the painting is magnificent-- love the colors. Have wonderful travels and holidays:)

    Ps- I love the photo of the paintbrushes.

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  9. Hi, I hope you are having a nice break from blogging and a lovely time.

    I am wondering if it would be alright with you if I used one of your photos for a reference for a painting. I really like the photo.
    I am sorry that I didn't write down which post you had it in; but the photo is : IMG 7970, it is of an orange butterfly on a pink coneflower?(daisy type flower).
    Naturally I will not use it for reference if you would rather I not. Please let me know when you have a minute. Thank you.

  10. Hello kindred..beautiful post and such fantastic pictures! Wishing you Many Blessings and Sparkles in 2014!!

  11. Dear Silke
    I hope you are doing well.
    I have been away for quite a while.
    A lot of things happend.
    I am glad that your blog remained.
    I wish you and Daniel a very merry Christmas time

  12. Dear Silke,

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Here's to a truly happy 2014!

    I enjoy reading your blog and will try to leave more comments in the New Year -- nice resolution, isn't it?