Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Coming to a Close

Dear friends, as the year is drawing to a close and we have returned from our travels, I wanted to write just a few lines to tell you how much I appreciate you accompanying me on my life journey. 
This last year has not been easy for me. Objectively seen, it wasn't so bad at all, but then our own lives are never "objectively seen" by us, are they? Our experience is always highly subjective. My year started out on a very anxious note and I didn't feel that anxiety drop away from me until now.
I felt like I held my breath all year, just waiting for the other shoe to drop. It's all just life happening, I know, but some parts of life are easier for me to handle than others. Just sayin'!
In early December we left on our yearly cruise with my dad and also Daniel's uncle, who had introduced us all to cruising in the first place. It was wonderful! The weather was warm and beautiful, the ocean was moving and rocking us gently, the food was amazing, and we even got to experience a light show or two traveling through some thunderstorms near Panama.
I enjoyed every moment of it, recovering from a persistent cold that had snagged me just before Thanksgiving and finding back to myself. I read and knitted, ate and slept, went exploring and saw new places.
And all through it I marveled at the ocean and how it could be so beautifully blue and green.
Now back in Savannah, my dad has left for Germany (he arrived back home just in time for Christmas) and Daniel has also flown to Europe, where he'll be teaching in France for the next three months. I get to have two months by myself here at home before I join him in Europe at the end of February to see my family and do some traveling with Daniel.

I intend to use those two months alone as the gift that they are, to find back to center, to be creative and to engage in some serious self care. And to write and share in my blog, and use this time to set a different tone for 2014. Less anxiety and more balance. Much more balance.
2014 promises to be a very different year for us, much lighter and with some really fun events on the horizon which I intend to share with you. And with that, a toast to you for a Very Happy New Year! May 2014 bring you closer to all that you desire.

I'm grateful that you are a part of my life!



  1. Happy New Year, Silke! Here's to a wonderful 2014!

  2. Silke-- it's wonderful to have you back at your blog:)

    Your cruise was just what you needed-- the photos are beautiful and share a sense of relaxation and bliss. We all need that in our lives.

    I know you will miss Daniel-- but -- there is something to be said for quality time spent with ones self. I know you will use this time to search your soul and create from within. Enjoy this special time--

  3. Silke,
    Your cruise photos are beautiful and I am happy for you that it was a relaxing adventure.
    2013 was like no other ~ it went by much too quickly, had too much sorrow, and much unrest.
    I, like you, hope to find 2014 to be healing in many ways. Enjoy your time alone, Silke. Some time alone sounds wonderful to me.
    I wish you good health, much happiness, and a lot of creative time in the New Year!
    audrey xo

  4. A very Happy New Year to you too. Did you realize that your cruise outfit matched your surroundings? The photos were wonderful and I'm glad you had some great company with you.

  5. Nevermind the ocean -- love the colour of your beautiful top and pants set! Best wishes for 2014!

  6. A cruise at this time of the year sounds great, and I am glad it helped to restore your physical wellbeing and your inner peace.
    The pictures are fantastic, and you are as beautiful as always.
    Looking forward to many interesting posts and beautiful pictures on your blog!

    Dir und Deinen Lieben wünsche ich einen guten Rutsch und nur das Beste in 2014.

  7. I love how your blue and green outfit matches the color of the water!
    Wishing you the best 2014!!

  8. It is as if you wrote this post just for me. How to mourn and yet live at the same time and keep my promise. New waters for me, and I'm treading as fast as I can. Oh, I just realized something; stop fighting it and float...I always loved floating in the pool, just looking up up up. Eyes on the sky and float.

    **blows kisses**

  9. Liebe Silke,

    ich wünsche dir und Daniel einen guten Start ins neue Jahr und freue mich auf ein interessantes und erlebnisreiches 2014.

    Allerbeste Grüße über den Teich


  10. Wishing you a very happy and magical 2014!

  11. The time alone may not be easy (don't be surprised) but it sounds right and good. I love deb's description of floating; just floating. Let us wisely do that.

    Hang in, Silke. I know you will.


  12. Liebe Silke,

    alles Gute für 2014 wünscht dir

  13. Liebe Silke,
    ich hoffe, das Jahr 2014 wird ein schönes ausgeglichenes Jahr für dich und Daniel.
    Alles Liebe und einen guten Rutsch.