Sunday, November 3, 2013

A cozy Sunday

I'm glad you all enjoyed my Savannah post. It's such a pretty town, isn't it?

Finding my happy moments today was not difficult. It's a cool and sunny November day and I am snuggled under my oh so soft crocheted blanket with my knitting and Ramses by my side.  
Earlier, Winslow was curled up on the guest bed,
And this morning Louie was snuggled in nicely on the back porch.
I hope your day is equally relaxing and cozy!


  1. Mmmmmm. yes I did enjoy your cozy post...And I love & adore that quilt too!

  2. Yes indeed, everyone looks like they are nestled for a proper and warm nap! I love that throw you are under... is it crocheted or knitted? One day soon I must get my hubs to take a picture of where Raphael manages to curl up at every opportunity in the cold months! Keep an eye out :D
    Hugs and stay warm my dear friend; it was a brrrrrr 26 degrees F this morning.