Monday, November 4, 2013

A Sweet Little Still Life

Today I spent quite a few hours in the car, so when I got home, I decided to do some yoga to stretch a little bit. It was gorgeous drive with the fall colors and perfect blue skies, but it was still a lot of sitting, so some stretching really felt good.
I had set up the iPad on the mantle in the living room and while I was following a yoga routine, I noticed this sweet little tableau right in front of me. I had seen it many times, but this time I really noticed it. The art we bought at one of the illustration student shows at SCAD, where Daniel teaches. I hope you can see the mama porcupine watering the flowers on her baby's back in the closeup. It's definitely one of my happy moments of the day...
Wishing you a very happy start of the week!!


  1. Beautiful illustration and those leaves are too good to be true! The colour is spectacular! Thanks Silke.

  2. i love that drawing and the setup you have there. stretching sounds good. have a wonderful week!

  3. It really is a sweet little still life, as your post's title says!