Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

23 years ago today, Daniel and I got married in Germany in the company of our family and close friends! Many even came from the US to spend this special day with us.
As we came out of the little church in Angelmodde Dorf, the village kids had put up barriers and we had to buy our safe passage with candy and change. It was a total surprise for us!
I love this photo of Daniel and I with my grandma, who has since passed away.
Our wedding day was the hottest day since 1947 and if you look closely at the photo you can tell how very warm I was. We didn't let it dampen our sprits though in the least...
And here we are 23 years later. In some ways we have changed a good bit - our hair is more silver, we are both sporting a good number of laugh lines in our faces and I am not as super skinny as I was back then. 

But in all the essential ways we didn't only stay the same, but I'd say that we are aging quite well. And our love only grows with every year that passes! We are very lucky indeed!

Sending you much love and joy on this very special day!!



  1. Liebe Silke,

    ein rührender Post.

    Sonnige Sonntagsgrüße

  2. Very touching! Happy anniversary to the two of you!
    You were a very beautiful bride, Silke. Of course, you still are a very beautiful woman, but you know that and don't need me telling you.

  3. ♥ Herzlichen Glückwunsch! ♥

  4. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you!!

    What a beautiful bride and groom, and you are still just as gorgeous.
    Time flies when you are with the right person, right? xx

  6. Dear Silke,
    CONGRATULATIONS and many hugs and kisses to you!!
    The photoes from back then are so wonderful, and showing a beautiful young you and handsome young Daniel,-you was a very lovely bride!!
    I hope you celebrated this day as much this year as then,- and sends you smiles and wishes for many happy years to come.
    You are still a very beautiful pair ,my dear.

  7. Herzlichen Glückwunsch liebe Silke. Dir und Daniel noch viele wundervolle Jahre ♥
    LG Sabine

  8. A very happy anniversary to you both - hasn't the time flown by? My husband and I will be celebrating our 23rd anniversary on September 1st - just a couple of weeks away.

  9. Happy Anniversary Silke. Your and your husband always look happy. May you have many more forever happy years.:) Take care

  10. Oh Silke- how very special--- congrats to you both. Your wedding photos are beautiful--- and now, you are both so happy- and it shows. I love that photo of you both-- love those smiles.

  11. Ich seh das Post er heute ....
    So schön!
    Du bist eine zauberhafte Braut gewesen, und heute noch eine wunderschöne Frau!
    liebe Grüsse und viel Glück für Euch beide für immer ....