Thursday, August 1, 2013

A beautiful fruit

We have a big pomegranate bush in our garden. It was a stick when we planted it five years ago and is now huge!
Last year it bloomed like crazy, but we got no fruit. This year, we probably have about 20 pomegranates ripening. Most will probably be ripe while we are in Europe and our friends will get to eat them.
But I wanted to pick at least one and enjoy it.

Wishing you a very juicy day!!



  1. they are a beautiful fruit--too bad you will miss eating them, but you will be in Europe!! lucky you!

  2. I love the way these seeds pop when I bite into them :-)

  3. It's lovely. Have a wonderful time travelling!

  4. I wish they grew here. I just love your photo of the seeds it makes my mouth water.

  5. Wow, how lovely! I like pomegranates... wonder if they would grow in New Hampshire... think I will research that today. :D
    When do you leave for Europe? I'm a bit behind on reading posts, still catching up from not having Internet for a week!
    Beth P