Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Painting

First of all a big thank you, dear friends old and new, for your heartfelt comments on my last blog post. The consensus (and my own inclination) seems to be to keep blogging when I feel like it and visit you all when I have time and leisure to do so. And not worry about the rest! That is what I'll do...
I have been painting on this latest one for quite a few days, slowly building it up with layer after layer (after layer) of transparent acrylic paint.
I didn't know what to expect and I was just thrilled with the colors, the depth and the texture this resulted in.
Couldn't resist showing you the above photo inclusive my fuzzy slippers. We are having another cold morning!
I feel as though I am finally finding my very own voice in my paintings and I love it! It's the best feeling to know that what you are painting comes purely from inside.

Yesterday's Dreams
acrylic painting on 12 x 24 inch canvas
SOLD! Thank you!! 

I'm linking this to this week's Illustration Friday.

And to you all I wish a wonderful and relaxing weekend!! I have to go buy more art supplies before I can start the next one as I'm fresh out of gesso.



  1. Liebe Silke,

    dein schöner Post hat mich wieder

    In Liebe

  2. Dear Silke I am just about in the same situation as you and I think many are. I don't visit often but when I do I am so inspired. I love your new painting. I still attend painting classes but we always paint what our teacher has set up and some times I do my own thing. FB has made a difference in a lot of folks blogging and posting habits. Since I am using my blog as a journal, I have it printed out every 6 months, it does not matter to me if I have visitors or comments or not. It is for my children to have when I pass on. Blessings to you as you decide what you will do in the future and if a new post shows up I will know.

  3. I love it! At first I saw a castle...then a magical forest! OOOoooo a magical castle in a magical forest in the Magical Land of Silke!
    **kisskiss** Deb

  4. Have been following your new beautiful artwork on Facebook and am pleased you have posted it on your blog, its so much clearer. Continue painting from your heart Silke as its obviously making you very happy.


  5. I missed your last post, but I too don't pop in to others blogs as often as I used to.
    I don't have enough time to paint, walk the dogs and take care of my family and house if I blog as often as I used to, so I now only pop in once a week at most and do what I can, it seems to be working for me.
    I hope you can figure out how best to work it for you to x

  6. Magical. Just that word .

    !!! Love kj

  7. Silke, this one is truly magical!!!

  8. Hi Silke, I love this new painting... the colors are two of my all time favorites!

    I think we are all in the same position of having overwhelming numbers of blogging friends and it is hard to keep making one's own art and blog and visit as much as we would like in a perfect world! :D I've taken to signing up and following my favorite blogs via email - that way I don't miss posts and I can pop over to comment if the post moves me to do so.
    Hugs and good to catch up with you...
    Beth P

  9. Das Bild ist der Hammer, liebe Silke, Der neue Besitzer wird seine Freude daran haben.

    Allerbeste Grüße