Thursday, March 7, 2013

About this blog

When I started this blog, I was spending some time being creative, but not much as I was starting out. I spent much more time blogging and visiting other blogs. And now that this has changed, I am both excited and also constantly feel bad I'm not spending more time with all of you.
These days all I want to do is paint. And when I'm not painting, I'm thinking about painting. This is one I am working on that I am building very slowly with many layers (I think I have 10 so far).
And when the layers are drying, I sit at my sewing machine and make little bags out of the most fun fabrics! (All of those are in my Etsy store with more to come.)
And that's my dilemma. I am constantly making things, but the time I have to blog and - more importantly - visit your blogs has been diminished.
I used to spend hours every day in the blog world and it was fun! Now, when I have free time like that, I want to spend it painting or sewing or knitting or cooking, but not so much on the computer.
Facebook has been great in this as I can post these things and connect with people without spending much time online. But my blog has suffered. And I am not sure what I should do.
As I am coming up on my 4th blog anniversary, I am wondering if it's time to pack it in. It doesn't feel fair to you - my loyal visitors - that I often don't visit you back. Or should I do it like some of my friends and have a long post once every week or every two weeks?
I also wonder if anything I post is of value to you anymore. Every once in a while I have a deeper thought on here, but mostly right now I am driven to create, which is beyond exciting to me, but might be boring to you all.

Do you still enjoy visiting here? Even though I have no tutorials or even recipes to share right now? Would you miss this if I were to not blog anymore? Any thoughts?

I'm just not sure at all...



  1. I would definitely miss your blog! I think it's wonderful that you are spending more time creating and, if that means less blogging, so be it. Less blogging is better than no blogging! At least that's my reader's point of view!

  2. Okay! I hear you!! I had the same issue. DO NOT get rid of the blog. It's okay for you to cycle in and out of blog land. Be authentic, like you just did. I LOVE THAT! Who knows you might build up so much content that in a year you are "into" blogging again and have tons of awesome post material. That's what happened to me. I also connected my blog to my facebook page and that way I can share crafty stuff with facebook friends. It's okay to scale back but don't quit the mood will hit again. xoxo

  3. Oh, Silke, please don't close your blog. I would miss it a lot. Many bloggers are not blogging as much as they used to. I think most everyone does it in spurts.
    I try to post as often as I can, but life does get in the way and sometimes there just isn't time.
    Your blog is always interesting and I love seeing what you are creating whether it be painting or sewing or cooking. I'm almost certain you will get this same response from all your followers.
    Keep your blog. Just post when you have the time or the desire. We'll be here when you do.
    Enjoy your creativity time, Silke. I think it's great.
    audrey xxoo

  4. Well, I think many of us feel the same as you do, Silke. I'm new to your blog and have enjoyed your writing no matter how often you post. I'm also very happy that you are so energized by your need to create. I seem to be unable to give myself permission to spend time playing and piddling in my studio so I envy your time there. I like especially that you shared your feelings about this whole blogging thing. Isn't it interesting the feelings that blogging has brought up?
    I'll be here whenever you show up again. Take care.

  5. Liebe Silke,

    deine Kunst begeistert mich.

    In Liebe


  6. Your blogging experience should mostly be fun, sometimes thought-provoking, but never feel like pressure or something you "have" to do. And that is true for both writing your own blog and visiting other blogs.
    Therefore, if you're not as happy about spending time with blogs as before, simply don't do it.
    Remember, this is your FREE TIME and something someone pays you for doing :-)

  7. Liebe Silke,

    klar schau ich vorbei:-) Und ich glaube wir alle verbringen mal mehr, mal weniger Zeit online. Bitte mach weiter! xoxo Steffi

  8. I still love visiting blogs and leaving comments, even tho FB is "easier"--you can say more on a blog than on FB. I spend time each morning when I get up, reading emails, visiting blogs and FB-then head to my studio. Keep on blogging-we would miss you.

  9. Liebe Silke,
    ich weiß wie du dich fühlst. Du solltest dich nicht gezwungen fühlen zu bloggen oder zu kommentieren. Mache es einfach wie du es für richtig hältst. Ich würde dich und deinen Blog sehr vermissen.
    LG Sabine

  10. Dear Silke,
    You must do what pleases YOU!
    I must tell you that I have LOVED the creations you have made lately, all the paintings and the wonderful things you have made with fabric.
    I would miss your blog if you did stop of course! Perhaps you could just do a post now and again, as you say some of your friends do!
    I am so pleased to feel that I know a real artist. I love ALL your paintings so much, they are so joyful!
    Keep up that creative streak you have going, it's important!

  11. I think you have to follow your heart on this (as with all things). I wouldn't worry about what others think -- I would blog when it feels like fun and not when you'd rather be doing something else. I haven't visited many blogs in the last few months, but yes, I would definitely miss yours if it went away. But I would support whatever decision you make. (Plus, I know where you live so I don't have to rely on your blogs to keep in touch! ☺)

  12. YES I WOULD MISS YOU!!! The answer to your question is right there in your blog name; Metamorphosis!!! What a JoY it has been watching you grow and bloom and thrive in life. Your blog still feeds me, even though I have been missing lately too. I started my blog at a time in life where I was trying to figure out who I was after raising my family. After a few post, I saw, Oh, I'm a gardener...or this or that. I am about ready to come back and figure out again who I am.

    For me, it's all about the connection of the Human Spirit. That will never fade away. **blows kisses** Deb

  13. I would miss you a lot, but you should do what feels right for you. Even if I seldom comment, I still enjoy seeing your nature photos and the progress of your paintings and everything else too. Have a lovely day!

  14. Silke- there is so much I could say here---
    First of all- life is short. Real short. Getting shorter every day--- be true to yourself. Take a break- see if you really miss it. Take a long break---

    Would I miss you? Absolutely-- but that is not the issue here. For myself-- twice a month is just about the best I can do. And-- I'm going to schedule regular breaks for myself as I go along. Otherwise- I can't keep up. We have earned the right to think more about what we want and what makes us happy--

    I love you--