Thursday, February 9, 2012

A slow day...

Yesterday I had much planned, especially art, but then that didn't happen. I was feeling just slightly off, not much energy and so I decided to have a slow day. Even the kitty joined me.
In the course of the day I

:: did lots of knitting
:: drank tea
:: got caught up on this show
:: thought about how much I love mind-bending "stuff"
:: made these cookies
:: ate too much cookie dough
:: finished my writing assignment for class
:: thought about how much I really love to write (something I never thought I was any good at)
:: had thoughts about cleaning out our closets
:: decided to think about that another day
:: wondered if this would be the year I finally try making soap
:: didn't come to any conclusion about that
:: was grateful that we had cooked ahead and I didn't have to think about making dinner

Sometimes these slow days are just what is needed. I've learned to give in to them when I have the luxury to do so. Today, I am sure I will be back to my normal and more energetic self, even though I woke up at 2:30. What's up with that?!?

Wishing you a good morning and an even better day!!


  1. Yes indeed! A slow day is sometimes just what the doctor ordered! :-) I love them. I had one myself the other day. My day included a very long nap too!...By the way, doesn't everybody get u at 2:30 every day?!...I do! :-]

  2. LOL! I always want a slow day, and then as I sit to try and make it happen, the brain goes off on a tangent and the slow goes out the window! (though tomorrow WILL be a slow day)
    I have made soap in the past and love it. It was pretty simple soap; have a book on different types, but always enjoyed the process and the results, even when a little on the *rough* side. You'd enjoy that too. A good Spring activity when it's not too hot to be outside.
    Hope you thoroughly enjoyed your SLOW DAY! :-)


  3. Your slow day sounds really good. Just being. xox Corrine