Thursday, February 9, 2012

This morning's work

I love this stage of the painting process when I've gessoed in the area for the portrait and I start sketching the face. That's when they come alive to me and I start wondering who they are and what their story might be. What's her name? Is she thinking or dreaming? I think she might be remembering something or someone. She looks wistful to me. A tiny bit insecure.

Now I'm off to class and tomorrow I'll continue painting...

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday!!


  1. Hi Silke!
    Here you are! (smile)*
    I love what you drew and is this a part of Gritty Janes class?
    I did buy the class and have the downloads but havent' done them yet. I need a good push!
    Keep up your great work..

  2. lovely to see your WIP, you describe her lovely face beautifully, i can see it all. .

  3. I like her alreaady! And I agree with you - she does look a bit wistful and insecure.

  4. Hello Silke!!!! I love the layered papers....and the background of this piece....can't wait to see it all finished!!! Hope you are having a wonderful start to your weekend!!!

  5. Gosh - she looks great at this stage and I'd almost be temoted to keep her and start again on the painting. Still, at least you have the photo to remember this stage by.
    I agree she looks wistful - you could make up a whole history for her but I couldn't guess what her future might bring.

  6. She is quite intriguing and very beautiful! i love the way her eyes are darting off to the side gazing..I love her essence...and energy!
    Wondeful as always Silke!