Monday, February 27, 2012

A strange day...

Today was one of those weird days that started really early for me. I woke up at 1:30 in the morning with a start and couldn't go back to sleep. 
I tried to sleep a little after Daniel left to teach, but Ramses didn't think that was necessary at all. He kept climbing on me and waking me up again.
So, finally, I got going, except I never really did. It was a gloomy day outside and pouring rain for much of it.  Not good for trying to stay awake and getting things done...
I was so happy Daniel had bought us bright and beautiful flowers over the weekend.
My very own indoor sunshine to make me happy.  On days like that, when I am so tired, everything seems so serious. My emotions are close to the surface and I can quickly feel anxious or guilty about whatever it is I think I should be doing or should have done.
Luckily I have learned over the years not to take anything seriously that floats through my mind on those days...
Instead, I put most things on hold and simply look for what makes me happy. Little things.
One of those things today was this little project from the latest issue of LandLust Magazine.
I love tiny projects like that. They are fun to do and finished so quickly. Instant gratification!
All I needed was a little bit of yarn and a couple of stray buttons. And a little birds nest, of course, for picture taking.
Aren't they adorable? One of those buttons arrived on a package from my friend Beth not long ago.
I like these little egg cozies so much I am sure I'll be making more.
And I have a feeling some of them might actually show up in my future giveaway...
I hope that your today was better than mine (even my attempt at printing did not go very well...).

Tomorrow is a new day! And I'm glad...


  1. Hi Silke..we all have those inbetween days! LOve the flowers..oh my..the bright sunshiny yellows are gorgeous! I am smitten with the green vase..lovely! Beautiful creations..that blue is blissful! Charming and are so talented!
    Have a beautiful rest of week!

  2. Those kind of days - we all have them now and then. Glad you found something that cheered you. Wishing you a much better day today...

  3. Liebe Silke,

    das sieht fantastisch aus.

    Alles Liebe


  4. Da hast du ja trotzdem noch was schönes gemacht, nach einem eher ungemütlichen Start. Wünsche dir heute einen ausgeschlafenen Tag.

  5. I'd forgotten egg cosies. We used to have those. I haven't seen them for donkey's years. My grandmother used to knit them for us. Pretty, but not as beautiful as yours. Aren't little projects so satisfying?

  6. Liebe Silke,

    beim Anblick gelber Blüten wird einem immer ganz warm ums Herz. Besonders wenn es regnet (was hier der Fall ist).

    Und deine Eierumhäkelungen sehen ja putzig aus.

    Fröhliche Grüße


  7. Hi hi, deine Eierpullis sind göttlich.
    Der Knopf sieht sehr mondän aus, ich bin sicher Humpty Dumpty würde was drum geben, so was sein eigen nenn zu dürfen, ich übrigens auch ;0)

  8. I like the little cozies!! Glad you found a good use for the buttons. Hope today was a better day for you. xxoo