Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Strange Day

It's been a weird day. This morning I arrived at school only to find out that my professor was sick and class was cancelled. If I had remembered to check my new school e-mail, I would have known ahead of time. But I wasn't the only one who showed up... 

So, I went back home and spent a day where I felt I never properly woke up. We had storms and heavy rain and it was so dark and gray outside that it felt like dusk all day long. And what's more - tomorrow will be a repeat! 

This afternoon - in order to wake up - I decided to go to my studio and doodle in my sketchbook. First I did this painting that - while I was working on it - I liked, then didn't, then liked again and finally really liked. I just played and it felt good. 
Later on, I was knitting while watching a DVD and just really liked this young man's face. So I paused the video and did a 15 minute drawing, which I think turned out pretty well. He really did have that startled look on his face and he sat sort of twisted, which looks just a little weird. Can you tell that I can't wait for my drawing class to get going?!?
I hope you are all doing great and are having better weather than us. I know we need a lot of rain to make up our deficit, but I'm not sure we want all that rain to fall in just two days!

I'm off now to visit some of your blogs to see what you've been up to!!


  1. Loving your art Silke! Hope your tutor gets well soon and the sky clears up a little more for you.
    Loads of love!

  2. I have been afraid to check the weather for tomorrow, but I vaguely recall the word *rain* and hopefully not the *snow* words...because, I mean, enough is ENOUGH!
    I have had a nothing done day. I've done things but can't tell you what. It was a House-Zombie day..... ;-)


  3. At least you had a well-spent day! Lovely bird image in your journal. And such haunting eyes - what DVD were you watching???? Take care, Theresa

  4. Glad you made time for art, even without the class. I like your pretty bird picture, and the drawing of the guy is very compelling. There's a lot of emotion in his face, I think.

    Here in Maine it was beautiful & made it up to 50. However, the snow is due to move on in one last time. But it's got to be spring eventually -- that's what I keep telling myself.

  5. Oh, Silke, it was the same here today. Ugly, wet, gloomy, gray. Not sure what to expect tomorrow.
    I love the bird painting, Silke.
    Stay dry. (:
    ♥ audrey

  6. The painting is gorgeous! And the sketch is amazing!

  7. Sorry for the deluge and the "strange" day. Your drawing of that young man has some serious mood to it and the bird painting is great. We are looking forward to snow tomorrow, not what I had in mind...that will be strange. xox Corrine

  8. Love this painting! And your sketch is great!! I know what you mean about gloomy weather. Not a big fan of it myself! We have had great weather here all week but today and tomorrow we are expecting rain and then dare I say it snow!!! Hopefully not too much. Snow in april?? Say it ain't so! lol

  9. I am sending you now a piece of our blue sky to hold in your pocket for those rainy days. That is what you give me when I get to be here. Silke, it is magic to know you. Thanks for a glimpse at your "peace-finding." You are treasured. Blessings.

  10. A free day is always such a gift - even if it is rainy and gloomy!

  11. Schönes Bild - wenn das das Ergebnis eines Regentags ist - dann solltest du ihn feiern:-)

  12. Hello, hello, Silke! It's nice to catch up with you. I love that you're feeling the urge to draw and paint. The colors that you are using are warm and beautiful. Must be spring! Have a fantastic weekend!

  13. Oh YAY and a YIPPEE for you, Beautiful One!!! How exciting that you are taking an art class. We can never stop growing or learning or becoming more. I have missed visiting you greatly. **blows kisses** Deb