Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A few goodie goodies...

It seems that these days my mind is often a jumble of things! So today, I am passing some of that jumble on to you. All good things...

1. A couple of additions to my knit/crochet Etsy shop (click here to visit). 
Don't you love how springy and cheerful this scarf looks? It's knit with two different kinds of yarn and two patterns, a simple garter stitch to show of the colorful yarn and then a drop-stitch wave pattern for the smooth yarn, complete with a rainbow border. So happy!!
And then something new for me - a crocheted lace necklace. I had gotten this beautiful linen/silk blend yarn and was looking for just the right project. I love how this turned out and will definitely make more and also variations of this. Both of these are now listed.

 2. A few photos of spring inside and of our fireplace mantle, which we decorated before our company arrived. I've been meaning to share photos with you and just hadn't gotten to it yet.
I love bringing flowers into the house, especially right now when it feels more like winter again. We went from 86 (30℃) degrees on Sunday to a high of 51 (10℃) degrees yesterday - crazy!! And super stormy!
Since then, it's been all gray outside ... but not indoors!!
Pretty, isn't it? I love all the white!

Here's something else I've become very fond of - artificial flowers! We have them all over the house and they brighten everything and make me smile all throughout the year.
3. One of my scarves AND one of my prints were included in this beautiful Etsy treasury (click here to visit) by CinLynnBoutique, who makes gorgeous jewelry! Thank you so much!!!
4. A few new print additions to my art Etsy shop (click here to visit). Slowly but surely I am getting my act together and listing a few more things...

(Love the green theme...)
5. My first drawing class was fun, although we didn't do more than go through the syllabus and the materials list. We also introduced ourselves and I can tell already that I'll like the dynamics of this group of students! And I really like my professor, Kebedech Tekleab, an artist and poet from Ethiopia. Tomorrow, we'll actually start drawing!!

6. I started an artist page on Facebook (click here to visit) to show not only my art and crafts, but also your creations - every day something new...

7. That's about it for now. I have quite a few recipes to share with you, but that'll have to happen another day...

I hope that you are all doing well!! You are always on my mind, even if don't have as much time to visit and comment as I'd like to at the moment. But that'll change again...


  1. Your jumble of things was fun to read through. No matter what you are always busy with something-I love to see what it will be. Anxious to see what inspires you in the drawing class.

  2. FABULOUS scarves...you're SO talented!!!
    I love all the flowers in your house...and SO proud that you're taking an ART class...hope you enjoy it!

  3. Den Frühlingsschal habe ich mir direkt gemerkt:-)

  4. Bright, cheery scarves, happy blooms and a fascinating mantle colection of objects. You do have lots going on. Youmbird piece is lovely. xox Corrine

  5. what an abundantly gorgeous collection!
    you are RICH, dear one!
    i am ga ga over your knits!
    no wonder a bird is soaring in the pile!

  6. Viel Spaß bei deiner Zeichenklasse. Ich liebe es, neues zu lernen und neue Inspirationen zu erhalten. Das ist das Salz des Lebens, liebe Grüße Inge

  7. Hi Silke,

    Lovely things to look at here on your post today. I love the happy and colorful scarf you made and also the necklace..so very pretty.

    Your bird painting I love very much!!

    Say hello to my dear Savannah for me!!


  8. Liebe Silke,

    deine Kunst verarbeite ich nun.

    Herzliche Grüße
    Angela und Elisabeth

  9. Du hast ein paar schöne Bilder gemalt und alle mit deiner ganz speziellen Farbpalette. Auch deinen gelben Schal finde ich klasse.
    Erstaunlich das du im warmen Savannah so viele schöne warme Schals strickst.
    Liebe Grüße

  10. Such eye candy here! Lovely flowers, lovely art, and lovely knit goodies! Theresa :)

  11. Love your new prints Silke!! Beautiful!! And thats great about the artist page on FB. I thought about doing that myself. Thanks for adding one of my prints to the page last week!! xoxo

  12. Ojojojojoi, liebe Silke, was Du so alles machst. Ich staune, wie kreativ und vielseitig Du bist! Und all Deine Kusntwerke und Häkelsachen strahlen so eine wunderbare Fröhlichkeit aus. Ich denke, dass Du mit Dir und Deiner krativen Arbeit sehr zufrieden sein kannst. Herzliche Frühlingsgrüße von Luzia.