Saturday, March 26, 2011

Savannah with Friends

It sure is fun living in a city that is such a tourist destination. You'd think it's the nearby beach that draws people, but that's only partly true.
Of course, we had to plan a beach day with our friends while they were here and luckily enough, it was quite warm. The air, that is, not so much the water, but the two brave men went swimming anyway!
The next day, we decided to tour Savannah a bit and even as locals, we found the city to be stunning! Awash in color as all the azaleas were suddenly in bloom, something I wish my aunt could have seen, but they visited just a tad too early.
This picture of us in the flowers we took for her!
Jim and Tia had both read (actually, Tia was in the middle of it) Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, a wonderful non-fiction book about Savannah, it's people and an incident that happened in the mansion below.
So, while Jim and Tia went on a tour of the house (which we had done before), Daniel and I sat in Monterey square and just reveled in the beauty all around us.
I think the 24 squares in Savannah are one of my favorite aspects of this beautiful town. All of them are well-maintained and wonderful to sit down for a spell.

Our next stop - Forsythe Park with the gorgeous fountain still sporting green water from St. Patrick's Day earlier that week.
I think I like it better with clear water, but this certainly makes a statement.
I wonder if they've cleared the water by now...
After that, food and drink were on the agenda with a stop at our favorite roof-top bar where you have the best view of the harbor.
We look like happy girls, don't we?
The weather was perfect with just the slightest breeze - we could have stayed for hours...

Later that night - dinner at Blowin' Smoke BBQ, a great place we just discovered recently. Double yum!! It turns out that our (very sweet) waitress was planning a summer working in northern New Mexico, so we had fun chatting with her about all she can do there and places she can visit. She was kind enough to take this picture of all of us - full and happy!
But definitely not too full for a visit to Leopold's Ice Cream. The ice cream is to die for and the the place itself so much fun. The owner, a native of Savannah, is a Hollywood producer, so the whole ice cream parlor is filled with movie props and great posters and photos.
A sweet ending to a fun visit!!

Tomorrow, I'll have photos of Fort Sumter and Charleston for you - it was too much to include it all with this post...

Happy Saturday!!


  1. What great photos of 'Home'! I miss Savannah. So beautiful around this time of year...except for the cold water! :-)) I never heard of this ice cream place. And I'm an ice cream officinato of sorts. ^_^ .....Not really. I just LOVE ice cream!! Have a good Saturday!

  2. Savannah looks like a wonderful place to visit and to live. Your friends were lucky to have such good tour guides. It looks like you had a great time.

  3. Und so ein herrliches Wetter! Gerne mehr Fotos.
    Danke, dass wir dabei sein dürfen.
    LG Sabine

  4. Liebe Silke,

    auf den Bildern sieht man, wie schön es bei
    euch ist. Das ist eine Freude.

    Alles Liebe
    Angela und Elisabeth

  5. What a beautiful place to live Silke...I love the photos and am always amazed by the lushness of the trees, shrubs and plants!
    And the photographer who captures it all so well! ;-)


  6. De beaux présents à mettre dans la boîte à très bons souvenirs... De belles et merveilleuses photos...

  7. Savannah sieht wirklich toll aus.
    Ich wünsch dir noch ein shönes Wochenende in deiner Traumstadt.

  8. Sounds like such a wonderful time! I think I'd love Savannah...
    Big hugs and kisses to you my friend!

  9. such beautiful and FUN pics Silke!!!

    i think i need to put this down as a "must visit" on my travel list!!

    it looks so inviting and warm and cozy!!!

    happy weekend

  10. Hi Silke - How wonderful that your friends could visit and see Savannah in her beautiful spring colors. Your photos are lovely - (what a wonderful picture of you and Daniel!)

    I am lusting after that rooftop restaurant - we gotta go there!


  11. What fabulous photos! I love azaleas - ours don't come out til later in the season. I love the photo of you and Daniel - so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your trip!!! Theresa