Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another Rainy Day...

Another gray and soggy day found me in my studio this morning for a couple of hours, painting away in my art journal. I just doodled with some molding pastes, acrylic paints, pastels and colored pencils - pretty much anything that was around me.

I love the freedom of the art journal - it gives me such license to play and experiment.

I'm glad that tomorrow the rain is moving out and we are back to a few days of sunshine. Can you tell I'm subdued from the dreary weather? Well, I'm off to eat some chocolate (surely that will help!) and maybe take out my sketchbook to do another drawing of something. We'll see...

I hope your day is a sunny and creative one!!


  1. Hallo Silke, auch hier regnet es, aber das Wochenende soll traumhaft schön werden, bis 26 Grad. Unglaublich, ich freue mich schon darauf.
    Ich hoffe, die Sonne kommt auch bei euch vorbei - ein schönes Bild - ach, ich wäre froh, wenn ich so ausdauernd an meinem Journal arbeiten würde:-) Kommt vielleicht noch. Liebe Grüße, Inge

  2. Love your "doodling" - with all that movement it's very enjoyable to ponder :-)

  3. Beautiful...looks very calming.
    I have been driving around in the SNOW today!!!

    we're supposed to get a lovely weekend too.

  4. Liebe Silke,
    ein Stück Schili als Nervennahrung kann nicht schaden. Hier hat es heute teilweise wie aus Kübeln gegossen. Das wird in den nächsten Tagen eine Farbenexplosion vom Feinsten für die Pflanzen.
    LG Sabine

  5. Ups, verschrieben, ich meinte Schoki.

  6. my face just got a BIG SMILE on it....when i saw YOU !!!!

    so very HAPPY to see you today, my friend

    i have missed you

    so HAPPY to send some warm SPRING sunshine to you today...

    kary and teddy

  7. silke, i wish i had your motivation and perseverence. while i sit and think about doing, you do! i like these soft colors--like the inside spirit of something.

    enjoy that sun tomorrow. guess what is forecast here: not just snow, but nor'easter snow! (damn!)

  8. Pretty butterflies, Silke.
    Chocolate is the cure for all, isn't it? I think I've heard that many times. Sounds good to me.
    Gloomy and rainy here again today, too. I sure hope tomorrow brings some sunshine. I'm ready!
    ♥ audrey

  9. We have had rain 25 out of the last 30 days...yuck. I think I'll go eat some chocolate too.:) We are supposed to have a sunny day tomorrow too...hope so.

  10. Looks like there is sunshine in your drawing...

  11. Hi Silke! Your drawing is beautiful! Is your journal like an art pad? I would have to have one that laid flat or I would make a disaster of things - lol! Lovely colors in this. I do believe in the power of chocolate to snap one out of things. I have a Dutch friend who makes this amazing hot chocolate, and it transforms you! Have a great weekend, my friend - xox Pam

  12. Hi dear, this is lovely. It is in the ether and we will not rob us of our rainbow thoughts. Thanks for the comforting words and these journal pages. Joy! Blessings.

  13. oops, I meant to say we will not let that anxiety in the ether rob us. Geesh, need coffee, hee hee.

  14. Mmmm sketchbook and chocolate! - good plan! :)x

  15. So pretty and happy - perfect inspiration on a rainy day! Theresa

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