Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Warm Beginning!

Happy 2011, everyone!! 
Our year started with a nice warm up! The cold has left us for now and yesterday was the first day in a long time where the sun actually felt warm.
So, we seized the opportunity and went to the beach.
It was still breezy and cool, but so very beautiful!
And being at the beach always makes me reflect on things. Yesterday I was thinking about this new year and what my theme might be. I always look back at the last year to see if there was anything that I impeded my total enjoyment. While 2010 in general was a fantastic year for us, I did notice that I spent too much time feeling overwhelmed and constantly like I was forgetting something important.
So, this year I decided that my theme is going to be FOCUS. I'm going to really zero in on those things that are very important to me: family, friends, art, reading, cooking, being creative, and a few more.
I want to make sure that those things don't become an afterthought in my life.
I figure if I really focus on the important things, the rest will fall into place. So often I get distracted by the rest and then the important stuff falls by the wayside. Do you know what I mean?
Ok, that's about as deep as I'll get today...

I love these last two pictures taken at our favorite beach shack/restaurant by the Tybee lighthouse. They had closed for a while and we are happy that they reopened with their relaxed beach atmosphere and Caribbean inspired food.
The perfect way to say good-bye to what was a very good year for us.

Now we hope for an amazing 2011 for all of us!!


  1. PS I just had a flash of the panuelo dance. It made me smile. :)

  2. Such lovely sunny pictures for new year's day! I was at the beach yesterday, warmer than it has been and dry but no sun yet! I'm sure we'll see it soon. Happy new year Silke.xx

  3. Huh, weird - it didn't post my first comment - wishing you a very happy 2011 and hoping that I'll get to see your beach in person this year!

  4. I know exactly what you mean; I am the queen of non-focus, and to get more art time, I have to let those little distractions go rolling right on by!
    The beach is beautiful~~we were inundated with rain yesterday, lost all our pretty snow. <:-( so I think I would enjoy the beach for a bit, with knitting in hand of course!
    Have a wonderful 2011!!!


  5. I wanted to spend New Years on the beach but it is raining and cold here. So I'll enjoy it by your pictures. Best wishes for you and Daniel going forth into 2011. It is a time for new beginnings.

  6. Liebe Silke,

    es war wieder schön hier bei dir.
    Mit dir warten wir auf ein gutes Jahr 2011.

    Frohe Neujahrsgrüße
    Angela und Elisabeth

  7. Hi Silke. Best wishes for you and Daniel in this new year. I wanted to let you know you are a winner in my bangle blog. Please email me your postal and I will get it out to you next week. Congrats!

  8. Very envious ! Happy New year

  9. Hi Silke, Happy New Year. Would you please send some beach out here to me in Arizona? Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. How old is Ramses?
    I finished 22 bears, I have 78 to go and am wishing I was at the beach instead.

  10. Liebe Silke,
    dir und deiner Familie wünsche ich auch ein happy new year und viel Glück.
    LG Sabine

  11. silke, happy new year to you too!

    i started thinking about 'focus' and i'm not sure i agree with the word itself. you listed six things important to you and a few more you didn't list. i have similiar loves and priorities of course, but my problem is sometimes i give them equal weight at the same time. when i do that i overwhelm myself and step right out of the present moment.

    i'm thinking 'preferences'; wanting to be aware of which way i'm leaning. not to say that i can't benefit from organizing my time better, but sometimes i don't allow enough time for spontaneous wonders. i want more of those this year.

    thank you always for how earnestly you share your thinking. that is a gift to others, you know. :)


  12. Thank you for the sweet New Years wishes dear Silke, I wish the same for you and all your loved ones too.

    We were at the beach this morning and did a little reflecting last night too, with smiles.
    cheers to the new year!

  13. Focus is so important and I think that is a great theme for the year. You are wonderful and the way you live your life so simply and passionately is really an inspiration to me.

    Love, C

  14. Oh Silke and Daniel- those beach photos are just glorious! They leave me longing--! I love cool weather beach walks- makes you so appreciate the gentle warmth of the sun. You have started the first day of this new year in a most wonderful way! Hugs to you both-

  15. are so fortunate to be at the beach! And to have warm weather to enjoy it!!

    I know you will have a blessed 2011!
    xoxo Gert

  16. What gorgeous and serene photos, Silke. I love your word for the year - and I hope you set out what you wish to do. I look forward to sharing the New Year with you!!! Theresa

  17. These are wonderful pictures, Silke ~ memories from the first day of a New Year. I can't think of a better way to spend January 1st. Unfortunately, the beach is just a little too far for us. Walking the beach has always put me in a calming, pondering mood ~ very good for the soul.
    I hope you have a wonderful year, Silke!!
    ♥ audrey

  18. What a fun outing you had...the weather has been extremely mild and I hope it's not the end for the cold front! I'm not ready for spring yet.

    I do know what you mean, Silke, and I wish you and yours a very happy New Year - we are off to a good start - at least weather wise!

  19. Silke, wunderbare Bilder. Das hat was - ein Neujahrsspaziergang am Meer. Da werden Sehnsüchte wach:-) Liebe Grüße und ein gesundes und zauberhaftes 2011. Greetings, Inge

  20. Dir auch ein frohes, gesundes und glückliches neues Jahr! Schön, dass es Dich gibt!

  21. Happy New Year, Oh Beautiful One! Please share your secret of how you look more beautiful each day! I completely understand your choice of word for the year...last year was most excellent for me, but I felt so scattered among so many ideas that I feel I accomplished very little of them. Need to narrow them down and focus on a few, like you. **blows kisses** Deb