Monday, January 10, 2011

Art Journal - The First Pages...

Yesterday, I played with my first two art journal pages (I'm showing you the background I had created and then finished pages) and returned to my first love:
Faces! And it was so much fun -- seeing what they would look like, each one different and each one a surprise. These are simple and done fairly fast - more like little sketches really.
It felt so good and so familiar. I missed this.
Progressing in my art techniques had somehow taken the joy out of painting for me. When I first started out, I was so much more carefree in just painting and experimenting. Because I didn't know anything, every painting was a success. These couple of pages connected me with that feeling again and I am so grateful!
I call them angels in training. Even if this is the only entry in my art journal, it was already worth it!

By the way, I was really tickled by the comments yesterday by all of you who also don't journal, but still collect black books. It seems that there are many of us...

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  1. I love your angels in training...

    Ciao friend

  2. I know far too well what you mean by the joy going out of a certain type of art. Finding and keeping that *ah-ha!* moment is vital to the process or burn out follows right behind.
    Or just plain disinterest.
    Love both but the second one really catches my eye for some reason---probably the hair! :-) But the face too---I think she is YOU!
    We are all angels in training....I certainly have not earned my wings yet!


  3. Hi Silke!!!! love these Angels!!! wonderful background work also!!!

  4. Hello Silke. I love journals. I have them in all types, even plain notebooks. I make illustrated journals. Your work is beautiful and I love the texture! Have a wonderful day, liebling Silke. I am reading you even though I don't comment often. I promise as soon as the tempest subsides, I will make my way here often with a smile. Have a beautiful day. TSUP!!!

  5. Hallo Silke,

    ich wünsche dir noch ein wundervolles neues Jahr...

    Bei den Bildern gefallen mir die Hintergründe, und auch das erste Bild mit den zwei Gesichtern spricht mich sehr an.

    Viele Grüße


  6. That is what journaling is all about for me is to connect me with feelings inside. I'm glad you found your inner painter with these lovely angels. Keep moving forward there is so much more inside of you.

  7. Wonderful pages, Silke and I am glad that you reconnected to what really satisfies you.
    Funny thing, I also thought the angel i.t. on the second page looked remarkably like you...

  8. Yay Silke..fabulous..I love the color energy..a feeling of freedom and lightness and harmony..and the angels add such magnificence, joy and spirit...I love it all! Shine is so lovely to meet your angels..such enchanting spirits! I really feel spring and summery essence in the color I am so craving my garden..i feel like there is a full blooming garden behind your angels..and then at a second glance it feels like flowers reflecting inside a beautiful Monet's garden!

  9. I love your angels Silke. Nice to see your journal pages. have a great week.

  10. Ahhh, der erste Schritt ist geschafft und was ein Erfolg.Ich finde es immer schwer zu beginnen. Wenn man aber den ersten Schritt hat, dann geht es oft leichter von der Hand. Der Engel ist wunderschön. Ja, Speyer ist eine schöne Stadt und ich freue mich, dass meine Fotos gute Erinnerungen wachrufen. Ganz liebe Grüße, Inge

  11. Dear Silke,

    I love your Angels in training-
    they speaks of heart-power, and love, too.
    Thanks for your dear comment ,friend--what you have done here, is wonderfull.
    HUGS Dorthe

  12. Love your first pages in your art journal. I love working in mine. It relaxes me. xo

  13. Yes, that is the key for art happiness, at least for me... to play. I, of course play in faeryland and am most inspired by Nature and Faery. But, it is the messy, letting your inner child romp that leaves me feeling that life is oh so good. These are truly beautiful friend. Great art. Blessings.

  14. Good morning, Oh Beautiful One! Love both paintings, but the second really draws me in...making me think of Renee. Lovely. **blows kisses** Deb

  15. I love LOVE your angels, i'm happy to see the girls again! have fun dear Silke, what ever you choose to paint!

    xxx lori

  16. I like the soft, muted colors in your angel painting...very peaceful and gentle and I love her white hair. She seems wise beyond her years, but then, age doesn't really matter when you're an angel, I suppose!

  17. I'm glad you have found your joy again and it shows. These pieces have joy in them, they make me smile.

  18. The pages look great, Silke. Glad you found a way to incorporate your girls into the pieces. The angel is so sweet. Thanks for sharing your journal pages! Theresa