Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Nesting Day

We've been having a lot of weather changes lately, low pressure systems coming through and moving up north. And on those days like yesterday, when the pressure is changing rapidly, I feel a little "under the weather." 
Nothing serious, but I just feel like I never get going properly. So, I find that on those days I tend to do a lot of quiet nesting. I read, I knit, I cook and I bake. And so I did yesterday! I made a batch of these most yummy oatmeal dinner rolls. Remember them? Click here for the recipe. I find making yeast dough amazingly soothing, both the kneading of it and the slowness of the process. Plus, nothing can beat the smell of these rolls baking!
While the dough was rising, I made some progress on this sweater I am knitting for Daniel.
When I first started, it took me forever to knit a couple of rows, because the pattern is somewhat complicated. I'd knit three rows and undo two of them - you get the idea. But at some point, it all started to make sense and now it goes much faster. Don't you just love that celtic knot pattern?
While I was knitting I watched a Miss Marple mystery I had gotten at our public library earlier in the morning. I've seen them all, but somehow I just love British mysteries, especially those set in the country side. The scenery is so pretty, the gardens so beautiful and even in a murder mystery everything seems orderly and civilized...
At the library I also got a copy of this sewing book and am totally in love with the pictures in it. I want to make one of everything!! If you want to have a peak inside, click here and you can do so at Amazon. I can't wait to get started with one of the easier projects.

And then, the make the nesting day complete, I made soup! There's nothing that's better to me than hot soup on a cold and windy day, and yesterday morning I got totally inspired by Juliette Crane's blog post on the Roasted Squash and Apple soup by Andrew Weil. I hadn't made it in ages and so dinner was decided right then!

Doesn't this look delicious?! I even found the recipe online, so if you click here you can make it, too!

There you have it! My nesting day. What are some of the things you do when you have a day like this?


  1. You are still busy on your nesting days! :-) I don't eat too much bread, so the rolls didn't appeal to me as much. But the knitted sweater?! It is just beautiful!! I haven't pulled my knitting needles out in a LONG time. I think you just inspired me to do it!...and get some soup! ^_^

  2. Other than cooking dinner (DH taught last night) you pretty well described my day yesterday! A lot of knitting, a tidbit of art--nothing to show, LOL!--good cafe au lait in the afternoon, curled up on the couch......
    We had a weather change too and the body just said *we're knitting*......hahaha!
    Also had some yarn come in the mail so got that up into balls.
    It was a good, comfy day.
    I could do that again too I think! Would you like to come bake and cook??? :-D


  3. Oh, I stay in bed and read, but baking sounds fun. If I knew how to knit I would :-). Silke you are the winner of my giveaway! Please email me your address, I will be sending it out soon!

  4. Sounds like wintertime to me!

    xoxo Kim

  5. Just relax and you'll soon be feeling much better. January is THE longest month for me :)
    Those bread pictures are amazing! I haven't had any bread since Jan. 2, I miss it but it's going much better than I thought!
    The squash soup looks fantastic too and I'm happy all the ingredients fit into my current diet. Thanks for sharing!
    Take care,

  6. Silke this is a great post! Hope you are feeling better. I am still not feeling all the way back to myself yet. It comes and goes and does not want to leave!

    Your bread looks wonderful! And the soup . . . .yummy! I saw that on Juliette's blog and maybe i will have to try it sometime!

    I am glad you found ways to have a good day despite feeling under the weather!


  7. mmmm sieht aus wie Weltmeisterbrot!!! Yummy!

  8. Beautiful lovely post..yummy soup..I love that combo very much and some parnsips in there too....gorgeous sweater..! and yay..a kindred with tv ..I watch them all..Heartbeat was a fave of mine for a long time too..amd I love Miss Marple and all the rest..even Monarch of the Glen was cool! there are so many to mention!
    Have a beautiful nesting day..thanks for sharing your magic.

  9. oh my heavens!!! the buns look so good I can almost smell them!!!! I am heading to the recipe...and with some luck I just might have all the ingredients I need!!!!!

    Have a wonderful day Silke!!!


  10. Sounds like a wonderful day! When I nest I like to watch old movies, nap, and make paper crafts.

    The rolls look delicious!

    Love, C

  11. Wow those rolls look good! There is NOTHING like home made bread and rolls. If it were my choice, Id eat nothing but warm bread, lol. I can relate to the "nesting" thing in winter. Bring on spring, Im ready!!!

  12. Hi Silke!!! I was inspired by you come by and check this post out!!!

  13. I'm inspired to try your soup it sounds wonderful. Your nesting day sounds very busy to me but it is full of things that provide much comfort so I love it.

  14. What a wonderful and restful day! There is nothing like freshly baked bread. :) And soup is good for what ails you. Daniel's sweater is looking very nice. As for what I did today - I think you know! Just call me snow bunny! LOL Theresa

  15. oh silke everything looks so beautiful and you've just described my #1 dream. to have days like this. enjoy.

  16. Sounds like you had a wonderfully delicious day, Silke ;-)

  17. Your nesting days are so much busier than mine. What a pretty sweater you're making for Daniel (or maybe I should say a handsome sweater ☺). Thoughts of your oatmeal dinner rolls and soup are making me hungry.

  18. OOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo now that is some beautiful bread! Love the sweater too. I understand about the weather changes...barometric changes either way give me migraines. Strange how connected we are to nature. **kisskiss** Deb