Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Scarf and a Question!

Before I ask my question, another scarf. I cannot tell you how much I love this one - I so wish I could wear that color green... I mixed up the SOFTEST sari silk yarn with Noro silk yarn and just adore the resulting scarf. It's funky, it's pretty and the ruffle at both ends adds a bit of whimsy. You can see more pictures of it here in my Etsy shop! (But come back after you visit there...)
Now to my question... How do you schedule your days?

I know that I am not a routine kind of person - I don't do the same things every day at the same time. Nor would I like that - I need change and variety. However, sometimes I have trouble fitting everything into my days that I want to do. I start painting, for example, get into that creative space, and then find I have little time left for the other things I wanted to do.

Plus, I find that some things I love to do totally fall by the wayside. I haven't touched a book (well, one audio book) since I was in Germany. And I LOVE to read!

What do you do? Do you have a set schedule? Do you have different days when you focus on your art? Your writing? Your crafting? Your Etsy shop? Your correspondence? Your house work? Etc? Or do do you a little bit of everything every day? Do you set a timer for yourself? Do you work with a calendar? How do you stay on track?

Ok, so those were more than one question, but they are all related, aren't they? I'm always interested in how you all manage to be so productive!!


  1. I can't wait to hear the answers to this one either. I try to do everything and end up doing nothing.

  2. I'm with you as far as a routine, change and variety. I mean, I have my morning routine of getting up, having my tea, etc., but if I had to have a routine or schedule that was the same everyday I would be absolutely miserable. I like my life the way it is in that I just kind of float from thing to thing as I want to but like you I find that I sometimes just can't seem to get things done. I tend to set one day a week aside and it is never the same day each week to make a list and see how many things I can get crossed off my list of absolute musts. This is my life, I'm going to live it once and I'm going to enjoy it to the best of my ability and not feel guilty.
    As for productivity, if you wrote down everything you are actually doing you might be surprised how productive you actually are. Don't compare yourself to others because just when we think other peoples lives are so much "better" we really don't know what their lives are *really* like.

  3. ~reminds me of the ocean with the blues and greens you incorporated...beautiful and i really like how you used different yarns...a unique touch!

    as for a schedule...try as i might i have never really been able to live by a schedule...i throughout the day take moments here and there for myself...sometimes longer than others...i write or create when i feel moved by such...i make lots of lists and try to tackle things that should be done in between both schooling my littles and creating or writing...tackling the tasks at hand...i am sure this helps you...NOT much at all...i think some just breeze through the day just as the wind direction one day and one direction another day...i wish you well at finding your rhythm...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. I don't have a very strict routine but I do plan out a few things. First I always go grocery shopping on Monday mornings (the stores are never busy at this time!) and run most of the errands I need to do for the week. Also, I make a meal plan which makes sure we will have dinner every night. :)

    Then I usually do the things I need to do like cleaning, etc in the mornings before I start my creative pursuits. That way I make sure it gets done and I have a clear time to do whatever I want without feeling rushed or guilty.

  5. Silke!!! I love love love all the textures in this scarf. It is like a work of art. I guess I need to crochet more if I ever want to get good at it!

    As for me, NO SCHEDULE other than every day I speed walk four miles at 6AM then water outside and tidy up the yard. It seems that since I quit my workaholic job I have been rebelling. Some days I get all the cleaning done, some days I only sew, some days I only craft. I am FREE!!! I do keep a small list, however, of things I want to accomplish and choose from it. When I feel like it. I try not to pick up a new book more often than every two weeks, because then I will spend the entire day reading until I finish the book! OOOoooooo apparently I am a woman of privilege! **blows kisses** Deb

  6. I just love your scarf, the colors are so beautiful. They make you feel good just looking at them. I have no particular schedule at all. I do a little of everything through out the day. The first thing I do is let my dog, Zoe out. I get a Dr Pepper and go upstairs to my computer. I do my business, read emails and then I read my favorite blogs. Then I usually work on what ever art project I have going on. Since I am a single lady and live alone I am pretty whimmee so I do whatever whenever.

  7. A beautiful scarf! As to your question, I write evrything down in no particular order, pick one and finish it. If I try to do too many thing sat once nothing ever seems to get done. Today I will be canning tomatoes, washing cranberries, pulling and packing carrots and Rutabegas, making sure Micki and Hunter harvest all of the grapes, checking on the runner beans (I don't think they are going to make it)...and enjoying every minute of it.:)

  8. dirty little secret! My day is as follows:
    Coffee, Studio and computer. Then the work at hand in the studio. Usually I work till I am braindead or have to run an errand. Then dinner. Then back to the studio to either try and get the next day's blog post up or just read while waiting to put the bird to bed.
    Upstairs: bath, couch & knitting or reading. I have left those for the evening or I would be out here all the time.
    Did you notice housecleaning wasn't mentioned?
    Here's the thing; you have to do whatever the current muse is telling you to do, then work around that.
    I have tried schedules before and was so confused that I was worse off than I am now. I've learned to embrace my inner *FLIT!*....;D
    I think, ultimately, we all want to do more than we can, so it's just a matter of what level of creativity is yelling the loudest at the moment.
    And I ♥LUV♥ that scarf!!!

    Anne.....utterly unscheduled.....

  9. Silke, Where do I get a hold of some of this Sari yarn?! It looks so soft and beautiful. I love that green color...As to schedule, I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses, so I HAVE to have a schedule to my life. I'm up VERY early every morning. I do my blog, do some personal Bible studying, and tweet on Twitter, all before 9 a.m. The rest of the day ALWAYS (unless I'm wounded, like I am now with my pinched nerve), includes crocheting or writing something. Most of the time BOTH! I don't have a secular job, so my day is mine to do as I please. And I have someone cook for me once a week. And someone else cleans my house for me twice a month. (One of the "Perks"? of being physically limited) That leaves a lot of time for me to string beads, crochet, write, watch old movies, listen to music or whatever. I know scheduling isn't for everybody. But without it I would waste away my day and forget what day it was!! ^_^

  10. This is beautiful. I think these would be wonderful for Christmas gifts for friends in cooler places than Arizona. I will have to remember to order some in November!

    My days seem to schedule themselves in a way. I have a set babysitting schedule with Grands, certain days I work for my husband.

    And the rest of my time is allocated by a little timer I keep on my desk. An hour of writing to 20 minutes of blogging...or whatever 'ratio' feels right for the day!

  11. My routine -
    School run
    paint paint paint

    Somedays I do coffee and cleaning....

    The scarf is beautiful!

  12. Beautiful scarf. I love those colors.

    I am only vaguely in a routine. I like to sit with coffee in the morning and check my email and blog posts. Then I walk the dog and feed the animals. Then I do whatever is most important to do for that day, likely the dishes and then hopefully spend the rest of the day in the studio but it varies throughout the year. If the weather is nice I'm probably working outside in the garden or some kind of work or play. I don't use a timer for anything except baking my muffins;-)

  13. Hey there!

    I like the colors on that scarf! Too bad, no one really wears scarfs, gloves, mittens, or other cold season gear. We just don't have it here. We make do with jackets and sweaters instead. I live in Southeast Asia! :)

    On weekdays I have this set routine of coming back from school, surfing the internet, reading a book, watching TV shows all throughout the day, hang out with friends and do school stuff in the evening. Sometimes I do put an alarm but I really don't follow it.

    I set a time for sleeping, though.

  14. such a goregous scarf~
    every day is different, it is almost impossible to stick with a routine or schedual. Some days I get so much accomplished, other days I feel as though I am running in circles. If you find a way that works for you, I would love to hear.

  15. The scarf is gorgeous - such wonderful colours!
    Your question(s) surprise me - you already are so very productive!! I think you should just go with the flow - whatever calls you most.

  16. Hi SIlke,
    Your scarf is gorgeous! I absolutely love the colors. As far as organization or schedules...I run the next day through my head at night. If there are things I want to get done, I make a list. I LOVE the feeling of scratching things off the list that I have accomplished. xoxo Diane

  17. I don't like to schedule at all - it's enough to have to work on the chores etc,. So once those are done, I like to take inspiration from the day itself and do what feels right at that time.

  18. Silke, this is a beautiful scarf!! Love the colors! As to the schedule I could so relate to this post. I try to have some sort of schedule otherwise I get nothing done!

    I try to get up early everyday, breakfast, dog, laundry, blogging all before 9. If the weather is good I take my dog for a walk early. Then I do some sketching,/writing. I usually leave art to the afternoon and try to get chores done in the AM. Its not a strict schedule but it helps keep me going! lol

    I am better at sticking to a "sort of" schedule in the mornings but somehow my afternoons sometimes get away from me!


  19. i absolutely love your scarf... can't really help you on the schedule but in summary it's

    Wake up
    Go to work
    Come home and collapse!!!

    however at the weekends i do my craft - there is NO schedule there at all. Just wander in and out doing bits and pieces!!!

  20. Hi Silke,
    Lovely scarf! Bright beautiful colors! Nice to hear you had fun in Germany. To answer your question: I go with the flow. I don't have a set schedule to write. I write whenever I have time or the need to do it, which is a shame. As a writer, I should write EVERY single day, no matter what! Blogging takes a lot of my time, too. That doesn't include literary events I attend, meeting with my writing group, and work.
    I think there's no perfect formula. Everybody's writing, painting, crafting, schedule is different and that's wonderful.

  21. Hi there! So happy to find your blog! What fun!!! Will be back soon! I love the school year...because my mornings are a routine of getting the kids off to school, and enjoying some peace and quiet before I head off to work in the studio!!!

  22. Hahahhaha! I love it when people are prompted to talk about themselves and their activities. It brings out the most interesting answers. You, Deborah, Anne and Annette are lucky to command your time.

    I have to go to work. At work I have scheduled meetings, at least 4 on Monday alone, then throughout the week. When I am on-call, I get called any time of the day and night and have to go to work the following day. I cook the family's meals, do laundry for me and my husband. Thank goodness, the children like to do their own laundry. I clean when I can no longer stand the mess and disorganized living areas. On weekends we have things to do, places to go, grocery shopping. I also need my exercise hour every day.
    That is why I draw until I fall asleep, paint until I pass out from hunger whenever I can.

    All of which, I will drop at a moment's notice to take care of my family's health needs. When one gets sick, I drop everything, including work, stay at home and nurse my loved ones back to health.

    So, you are one lucky lady. Don't fret, be happy and if your heart is content and you have peace of mind, you have made it!


  23. By the way, when I was an adult leader of a Girl Scout Troop, we went to a seminar about recruiting for volunteers and read something that said:

    "If you are looking for a volunteer, find the busy woman, whether she is working in the office or staying at home. Busy women will always find time to do something good."

    That was so true. Most of our parent assistants where busy women! They never gave us any excuse.

  24. HAHAHAHA! OMG! You poor Silke! BBBs don't fall, they hover and glide but Anne's fart may do it. HAHAHAHAHA!

  25. Hi Silke, thank you for your visit and kind words!
    I think this is an interesting question and topic to think about and discuss. I've been feeling like I need a schedule - that it's been missing. I used to slip naturally into a well laid out, constructive day, but I feel a lot more scattered these days. I can be busy all day and actually get very little done :) Months of construction zone living doesn't help...! Anyway, I'm missing my organized self, so I think I'll be working on building a routine for myself this week! thanks for a thought provoking post, and glad to join you in the BBB!!!

  26. Silke, the scarf is really lovely. The color combination is lovely - and I like the open stitch work. I have been trying hard to find balance in my schedule. I love reading, as well, and it's been hard to find time to do it. Every day is a little different for me. I'm sure this is quite unhelpful! LOL I go to the computer first thing, do some tweeting, try to reply to emails, package up goodies for mailing. I try to do two blog posts a week and work on a few creative things each week. Last night, I was able to sneak in a studio cleaning, which thrilled me. I also have a part-time job, so that throws a monkey wrench in my schedule, as well. But I do the best I can without driving myself TOO crazy! That's all we can, really. Theresa