Sunday, October 10, 2010

An AHA Moment!

I was going to post earlier today, but I was enjoying your comments on my previous post so much that I waited. It's fascinating how we are all so different and arrange our time in such varied ways.
While I was reading your comments as they came in and pondering my question(s), I suddenly had one of those AHA moments! You'll laugh (I did!), but I actually said: "Aha!" out loud...
Let me try to explain. I realized that my frustration didn't stem from having too much to do or not getting important things done. I am actually quite organized and usually do all my household chores in the morning and usually before 10 a.m. Stuff gets done with plenty of time to spare.
You see, that part of my life I am familiar with - schedules, lists, getting things done, checked off. But I've recently joined the lucky ranks of the creatives, the artists -- and I've finally realized that those same tools don't apply to creative time.
When I am in that creative space, whether I am painting or knitting or creating something else, time becomes fluid and the lists I make just laugh at me! And I think that the more I acknowledge that I am an artist, the less will I be able to schedule my life.
So, here's what I decided. I will trust that all the important things will continue to get done (they have so far), that my lists and schedules will serve me well while I deal with general household "stuff."
And for the rest of the time, I will let the muse guide me to what I feel most inspired to do! This is new territory and the rules don't apply the way they used to. I'm ready to be an artist and play!!
Speaking of play, Winslow had a play date at the house Saturday night and had the most fun! After four hours of non-stop chasing and wrestling, finally both he and Zachary were ready for a peaceful moment.
May we all remember to play with such abandon...


  1. See, now you know why we don't invite people over without two weeks warning.....because the art always comes first! LOL!!!
    Unless, it's other artists, and then they have an open door policy.
    You cannot schedule art---go with the muse, then deal with the rest of life.
    Winston looks POOPED!!! ;D


  2. As a creativity coach and fellow artist all I can say is "RIGHT ON!" All will flow, and get done as it needs to, and your soul will feel fulfilled as an artist with this approach!!!

    YOUR photos are absolutely gorgeous are discovering balance and it shows in the images you chose...they are a reflection of where you you are choosing to live your life with blessing.

    gentle steps

  3. As my Southern Granny used to say: "A place for everything, and everything in it's place." Looks like your Aha! moment just got to that place! :-)

  4. Your Aha moment makes much sense to me. Your photos are lovely today and I enjoyed them so much.

  5. Silke what a lovely post! When I read your AHA moment I too had one! :)

    I know exactly how you feel. Thank you so much for sharing this moment. It has helped me more than you know!

    PS . . . the photos are so wonderful!! :)

  6. Hi Silke.
    I agree with Anne's comments exactly. I am glad you are giving yourself the freedom to create.
    It is a struggle to do it all. Sometimes some things just have to wait. It's a toss up. Art consumes you and your time but it is such good therapy. I am taking the Art course too. I look forward to it.
    Hey guess what?! I am now living in Charleston, SC. Only 2 hours from you. Maybe we can get together some time. I have always wanted to visit Savannah and I just love Charleston. Have you been?

  7. silke, i can't believe i missed the previous post but here i will just say that too often we think creativity is optional: something to do on vacation on when there is time. the truth is,and research bears me out, that it is ESSENTIAL to a happy life. we all create in our own way--my friend pat cuts out paper dolls like she's still in fifth grade--but however it is manifested, that chatty muse is NOT optional!

    settle in, dear friend. you've arrived...


  8. I'm so happy you decided to do what is best and right for you. Hurray! Theresa

  9. Just stopping by to say good morning!!!!!


  10. Yes, let's make art! The laundry will wait for us, our inspiration won't. :)

  11. Just popped in to say hello and I am so happy that you've decided to do what is best for you. That's the best way to go about things. Have a great week.

  12. I've just discovered your blog via someone else and had an 'aha' moment myself when I did. I'll be following it from now on. Just sublime - the knitting - that's as far as I have ggt so far in the reading, and the photos you have just posted.

  13. Good to stop by and see what you are doing......wonderfully AHA I see! LOL! I've neglected blogging and feels so good to visit again! Such a great inspiration you are, your photos give my eyes a mini vacation this morning, from the stress and hubub! Thank you!

  14. hi silke! wow......i think that your AHA moment has also become my AHA moment!!! this makes SO much sense....especially to my "in the box list making" self!! i struggle with trying to balance all of this, too. thanks for sharing your fabulous perspective on things!!! xox, :))

  15. You've got it all together Silke! That Winslow is so darn handsome. I just love that guy!
    xoxo Diane

  16. **clapping of many hands** YAY and a YIPPEEEEE! I think you've got it! Isn't it lovely being a woman of privilege??? After being a workaholic for a time, one almost has to give ones self permission to have a joy filled life. Now isn't that just plain silly! **blows kisses** Deb

  17. Hi Silke,
    Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures. Winslow is so lucky he gets to play. ;)
    Zachary and Winslow look so cute in the pic.
    Today I had an AHA moment. I decided to take a break from writing and doing chores. I decided to reward "myself". It's Thanksgiving Day here in Canada so I am thankful for having a quiet day just to myself ;) I cooked and made some dessert while listening to Ottmar Liebert ;)

  18. AHAAAAAA! They key is to have multiple personalities!

    I'm a terrible housekeeper. I am more of a domestic firefighter. I only stomp out the messes when they become life threatening.

    Here's to PLAY!

  19. so glad you figured it all out! yes, when we create we can let loose and not worry about time. if it weren't for my hubby i'd have starved to death down here! and the important stuff list gets a bit shorter too when you get into art. mopping floors a few times a week goes to a few times a month and then all of a sudden it's been a few months since you've mopped. jk!...or am i??
    loves to you!!

  20. Hi Silke,
    I came to your blog by way of your brilliant sister in law's blog. I love your painting. It reminds me of Modigliani - whom I love! Your photography is also gorgeous. I am trying to figure out from the photos in the post if I'm looking at a marsh, or a field?

  21. AHAAAAAA!!! I only do housekeeping in self defense But let me tell you a secret. I HATE DRAWING. I can't believe I did not comment yesterday.

  22. Yup.... that's what you have to do. Let the muse guide you and let the housework wait.... that's what I'm!!

  23. Yay! What a beautiful post..wonderfully said! Hooray.. enjoy your new creative journeys..spark up the world Silke!