Thursday, October 21, 2010


Thank you all so much for your thoughts and input on my post yesterday! I love when we get a (sort of) dialogue going like this! And whenever I read your comments, more thoughts come into my mind and more clarity. I hope you don't mind if I share some of those.
1. I realize that these "old friends" I talked about in my post yesterday really aren't negative (which is why I call them friends). It seems that feeling guilty or insecure isn't good, but to me it's only "not good" when I linger there and don't move forward. It seems I should ignore these feelings and just get creative, but my paintings are entirely intuitive and based on my emotions. I paint what I feel and so these feelings truly propel me forward. And I am grateful to them for that!
2. A few of you said that even if I never sold a piece of art, I'd still be an artist. It made me so aware how in our society we judge our worth by whatever others are willing to pay for our services or the goods we have to offer.

The thought that I could still be an artist if nobody even liked my art had never occurred to me. Even though I paint MY inner self and not what others think I should be painting, still I have always wanted others to like my art. Why?! Ok, I know why - I'm a pleaser by nature and I want others to like me and what I do.

This is a novel thought for me. I'll have to ponder that some more...
3. I had this thought yesterday that I don't just want to live a creative life, I want to live a totally integrated life. I want to embrace all parts of my self and I want to live a life that reflects all of me. Here, I mostly share my creative journey, but there's actually a good bit more to my life and I can feel how everything is starting to come together and I cannot wait to see where it takes me.
4. (and really this is Nr. 1)You are AWESOME!! I feel such gratitude for you all, whether you leave comments or you simply come to read... I can feel how we are all connected.

Ok, enough deep thoughts for a while (at least for today). Thank you again for being you!! And for reminding me how important it is that we spread beauty and joy in this world....


  1. Beautiful post Silke..hugs! thanks for all the joy you shine!I love #3..very powerful...shine on!

  2. Liebling Silke, I hope you find peace with whatever answers you come up with. Also remember, this is not an examination where you only get to select one answer. Life is tough. If we are not worrying about survival we worry about the next thing on the hierarchy of our needs. So introspective moments bordering on self-actualization needs are quite an adventure. What's fun is everyone has a lesson to share and to tell. I have none. I am sitting right next to you in class...and did you read the note I passed to you? And who is that classmate of our drawing little kids with big heads and another one drawing hearts and weeping women? Your art, if it makes you happy, is perfect. Call yourself whatever, I will call you friend. Tsup!

  3. Okay, so many typo. Can you read Cestype?

  4. Here is a quote for you and one that I have always liked, not so much for self doubt but doubt about how everything in life is really supposed to work...but it goes both ways I suppose.

    "The beginning of wisdom is found in doubting; by doubting we come to the question, and by seeking we may come upon the truth." - Pierre Abelard

    I think perhaps our job in life is to do good through focusing on who we truly are and not so much what we think others want us to be. All doubt aside, you are already doing this and are an inspiration to many of us. Thank you for being you.:)

  5. Oh YAY and a YIPPEE!!! Enjoy the journey. I love our community of feeding each other. Now I am off to be domestic today! **kisskiss** Deb

  6. Aren't you all just great... Thank you!!

    And, yes, Ces, I can read Cestype perfectly!! :-)

    Mr. H. - great quote! I will write that down or maybe just tattoo it on my arm to have it with always me as a reminder. Just kidding... Is this the Abelard as in "Heloise and Abelard"?

    Enjoy your day!! Love, Silke

  7. Silke, You are most especially an artist. Now that YOU know that, everything you do will be a piece of cake. And if not, it will still be an artistic journey you'll take to get there!...I'm a creative crocheter whether anybody buys it or not...See!! :-)

  8. #2 really resonated with me. I'll be pondering today to!!

    Here's to living an integrated life full of creativity and balance in all things we do!!

  9. Hi Silke,

    WOW WOW WOW. :-D

    I could write pages in response to your last 2 posts but I'll TRY to keep this short. It also relates to your pre-pre-previous post too about structuring your time.

    I'm in the midst of simplifying. Boy do I need it. And it not only helps me with my time mgmt but also with exactly what you were experiencing a few days ago. I was in a similar (but different) space when it dawned on me to regroup. I love variety and am learning so much and/but have my tendrils "out there" all over the place, including comparing myself to others, what they think of me, etc. And this also includes connecting with others for inspiration. Nice, but still very much STUFF!

    I found that when I just pulled in and refocused on my own intentions, in my own space, things got real simple and real clear real fast! To everything there's a season but now is my season for *just me* and my own vision.

    I recently got Leo Babauta's book "The Power of Less" and I kinda love it. I think you would, too.

    OK, not real short. I better go before this continues to grow.

    Remember, KISS!!!

  10. Oh, Silke. Ein weiterer Post, der mir aus dem Herzen spricht. Vor allem bei Punkt 2 habe ich die ganze Zeit vor dem Rechner nur genickt!

  11. xoxo dear lady! integrated. yes yes!!

  12. Hello, dearest Silke. Not too long ago, I had a discussion with someone remarkable about the definition of artist. I told her that I believe it is someone who feels compelled to express through creating -- whether it be art, music, writing.... Nowhere does money play into it. How many incredible artists have there been who died poor yet are revered and recognized today? That's not to say anyone can pick up a pen or paintbrush and call himself an artist. I do believe one has to have a certain level of skill, an ability to successfully convey emotion or ideas through one's craft. And you, Silke, do that. You are an artist.

    p.s. Ces and I knew perfectly well it was YOU we were visiting when we first came here! No mistakes about it. We came here for you! And that yummy sandwich you were eating. ;)

  13. Life is a journey we take for only a small amount of time and we better fulfill our desires before the time just passes us by. You do that every time you pick up a paint brush, or talk about how much you love your husband and your doggie or how happy you are when you go see your Dad. You are fulfilling your desires Miss Silke. Enjoy.

  14. I think you are already leading an integrated life. You just don't think of it that way.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  15. Thanks for your wonderful words, Silke. You are so open and honest and giving. Another powerful post. Thank YOU for being you - you are awesome, as well! :) Theresa