Saturday, July 24, 2010

"No Pressure, You Know?"

That's what dear Anne of El Milagro Studio said to me in response to my worry about not painting in this post. She had other wise things to say as well, as had all of you, but "no pressure" — those two words have been on my mind constantly since then!
I don't know about you, but I put enormous amounts of pressure on myself! And I'm not exactly sure why!
I'd like to blame it on someone else or on my upbringing, but the fact is that nobody applies pressure to me other than my own inner voice.
There are many people who have significant external pressures. I am lucky in that I don't! And I think that's part of it. It's still hard for me to enjoy my good fortune without feeling guilty, without feeling I need to work extra hard to justify the wonderful life I have right now. Do you know what I mean?
And those feelings often prevent me from moving forward, from enjoying all that free time I have, and the creative projects that are in front of me.
Does that ever happen to you? It's such a waste of time and energy! Mostly I am aware of when it's happening and will make a conscious effort to enjoy life. But after all these years of an easier life, the enjoyment of it still doesn't come naturally. Part of me has trouble believing I deserve it.
So, yesterday was one of those days. And I decided to take my wonderful friend Beth's (of Beth's Take on Life) advice to "just be as I am." I took the pressure off. No plan, no guilt, simply being.
And a funny thing happened. I spent the whole morning sewing on a project that had lain dormant for weeks, after which I suddenly - out of the blue - felt like painting again. Plus, I finished two crocheting projects AND made a delicious peach crisp ... but that's a recipe for another post!
So, the motto for today and forevermore: NO PRESSURE!


  1. That's the problem with guilt. It eats your inside. It is not a very friendly or useful emotion. I like these downtime of yours, because you become introspective and you start become creative in expressing yourself - see that's creating too! Surely you must start beating yourself. It's summer and and it's hot. Time to sit under the oak tree and listen to the crickets. Are there crickets? Is this a cricket year?

  2. Hahahah! On the contrary, I meant to say

    "Surely you must STOP beating yourself."

    I really do not encourage self punishment.



  3. No more Farmville. Bella did an intervention on me the other night. I quit cold turkey. I am drawing with my coffee instead of harvesting crops.

  4. Yes! Yes! I meant cicadas instaed of crickets! What's wrong with me today. It must be Farmville-withdrawal symptoms! HAHAHAHA!

  5. I can't spell either. I should start brewing coffee...

  6. I like down time it refreshes the soul and mind.Im not a painter but I do like sketching , crocheting, and I might attempt to make a lamp shade and some yo yos, have you heard of them,lol.Oh my peach crisp do post that soon,lol.I love apple crisp but I never had peach.

    So many of you here on blogger so inspire me,I would love tot ry everything I see,lol.But unfortunately it takes money and time both of which im not at this time privi to.Someday soon I will be.

    happy Saturday!

  7. Silke, I'm glad to hear that you are making the effort to relax and just let things be OK as they are. Life is so much better when we don't push against it -- it feels much better when we go with the flow. I love today's motto -- here's to having a relaxing Saturday that allows inspiration to find us!

  8. Good for you Silke! Relax and let the sun shine in!!!...And let the painting begin! :-)

  9. YES - I can totally relate. I am constantly putting pressure on myself - putting guilt on myself - placing unrealistic expectations for myself ... well, you get the picture.

    Your post is inspiring. Take time to just 'be' -- do something just for us and watch the creativity spring up and out from within.

  10. Liebe Silke,
    Anne hat es auf den Punkt gebracht!
    Alles Gute, Verena

  11. silke, darn when i have to retype my comment because blogger got hungry...

    our minds are programmed to worry, to stay on high alert just in case. this was needed for the possibility of an approaching raging tiger or from behind tribal warfare.

    even though that's not the case anymore, the mind is damn stubborn. it wants to insist on routine, predictability, and guarantees. the unfamiliar is not welcomed, creates worry.

    this is why meditation, prayer, creative activity is so comforting: they bypass our minds and that allows us to do things a different way.

    you are falling in to your own rhythm, silke, that is so obvious. and you are inspiring others to do the same. old habits take there time to move up and out. i predict that that stubborn mind of yours will loosen up alittle as your confidence and experience grows.

    and growing it is!


  12. Maybe just a little bit of the pressure and guilt is cultural. We are not brought up to "go with the flow", instead it is thought to be a good character trait to always work, do something useful...
    Good for you for throughing the ballast overboard and just being!

  13. Die Umgebung scheint wundervoll zu sein: Von daher "kein Druck"!

  14. Enjoy your life, it's really what it's all about. most people work too hard, accomplish too much for nothing. being in the moment is beautiful. Good food, company, and love is all you need to be fulfilled!
    Loves to you!

  15. Nice photos, Silke! Reminds me of Jekyll Island!
    (or San Simons)

    Have a wonderful, sunny, delishous weekend - somehow I know you will ;-)


  16. Dear Silke, I understand what you say and that happens sometimes to me too, but with other problems besides, and I haven't found my own solution yet, No pressure does not work with me. But I am glad that you found your motto.
    Love, Amalia.

  17. That's terrific, Silke. Can't wait to see photos of all your creations. I must pressure on myself all the time. Sometimes the outcome is good (I thrive working under pressure) and sometimes not. It's not a good thing when I start berating myself over it. I just need to chill.... Have a wonderful weekend and remember to relax! Theresa

  18. oh silke..i just love this

    no pressure...

    makes me feel better

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  19. This is such a great post Silke. I know i feel a lot of pressure but it is only what apply to myself too. Thanks for sharing.

    Love, c

  20. I see we are tied at 301 Silke LOL..I know you will way exceed that your a lovely artist.

  21. I love your final words of wisdom, no pressure. Thank you for that. I also love that 3rd photo, wonderful. I can barely believe how much you accomplished once you took the pressure off, I bow to you!

  22. Good for you Silke. Great words for everyone to hear.

  23. Well Silke dear - we should all take the advice that you have just lived. No pressure would be so much better for me - that is for sure. I do feel such pressure right now - so many projects -so much to do - so little time! We are going to our beach in a few days and I cannot wait to be there and to just relax!


  24. Thank you all so much for your comments!! You have no idea how much I appreciate them. This is how we inspire each other and how we learn from each other. I love it!! Thank you!! Love, Silke

  25. Das sieht ja allea wunderschön aus.
    Hier kann man sicher entspannen.
    Wieso auch solltest du dir Druck machen.
    Hab einen schönen relaxten Sonntag