Friday, July 16, 2010

Two Great Finds!

Yesterday, Daniel and I had to take a quick trip to Decatur (outside of Atlanta) and back, which meant about eight hours in the car. So, we decided to have a fun lunch break there, which for us means good food AND, if possible, a great bookstore as an appetizer! We were not disappointed with either. We had delicious Mediterranean inspired food, but before that Daniel drove us to a fantastic used bookstore!

There we found two great treasures - two cookbooks, which bring back memories and awaken the travel bug in both of us!
Oh, yum, did I find many recipes that are so familiar to me from family meals in this cookbook!! I was starting to drool just looking at the pictures...
And the best thing is that the recipes look very authentic, but have been tailored to American measurements and ingredients I can find here. Perfect!
My mother's family is from the Black Forest, and we lived for many years near Heidelberg before moving further north to Westphalia, so my sister and I grew up with typical meals from all areas.
We were lucky in that our mom was a gifted cook, who enjoyed making traditional recipes and also trying new things. Add to that that my grandmother lived with us and cooked for us for many years, and you know we ate very well!
Don't these recipes look scrumptious?

Because my mother was a French teacher and my family loved France, we spent many family vacations in various parts of that beautiful country.
Plus, a few years ago Daniel got to teach in Provence for a semester and I got to explore the area more with him, which made it even more special!
So, this cookbook brings back many memories for both of us and really makes us want to go back to visit and stay awhile!
Looking at regional recipes always makes us want to travel.
Do you have that same experience?
You can click on any of the photos to see them more clearly, but I'm afraid I wasn't able to eliminate all the glare on the pictures. I still hope you enjoyed this little culinary trip with me to Germany and Provence!

Tomorrow, I'll have a delicious recipe for you (this is all making me very hungry)! I guess these days I'm feeling my creativity more in the kitchen than in my studio...


  1. Spaetzle with gravy...yum!! Flaumen (sp), apfel, quark (sp)kuchens....double yum!! We were stationed in the Stuttgart area '76-'78, lived in Nelligen up the road from Esslingen. Loved to visit the shops down in Esslingen and buy fresh produce in the farmer's market, fresh honey from the honey lady who came to our apartment, kartafel from the vendor who went up our street twice a week yelling out what he had for sale, other than potatoes.

    I still make some of the German cookies and kuchens for Christmas or special occasions. I bought some cookbooks while there,translated into English, but the measurements are metric!! Bought metric measuring utensils before I left.

    I still have to think about asking for "Black Forest ham" in English when I go to the grocery store...the German just stuck in the ol' brain..sounds better. Do the same for some words in Spanish...the Spanish word just sound better, but not if that person has no idea what your saying!! LOL

    Well, enjoy your new cookbooks...happy cooking!!


  2. Ooooh, nice! I know how much you like cookbooks, and these 2 must be particularly special to you. If there's anyone who can make good use of a cookbook, it's you & Daniel! I can attest to that. Looking forward to seeing what you'll share with us tomorrow!

  3. Lovely looking recipes! I'd like to try some of that to be sure! xx

  4. Those are very nice, SIlke. I have so many cookbooks, I've had to finally donate some to the Salvation Army. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Diane

  5. Yes, I know that feeling of just wanting to step into the picture and travel to those places. As I love to travel as well and have had the privilege to see many beautiful parts of the world already, if I had the chance, my suitcase would always be packed and ready to go. So looking at these pictures with you also brought back memories of my own childhood and all those yummy cakes and dinners my own grandma would make.

    Now I am looking forward to seeing a recipe or two here on your blog, so I may come and get it and try it again myself. Enjoy your books and hopefully you will be able to travel to these places again soon.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. I'm glad you had such a great adventure and found such wonderful cookbooks that brought back good memories. It sounds like an even bigger adventure might be in the works!!!

  7. Oh Silke lovely recipes.I love the looks of the recipe in the crock black forrest cherry casserole... oh my lol.

    My cousin, her grandparents on her fathers side were German,straight for Germany.I loved German pancakes oh they were good.

    Of course I adore mediterranian Im greek but this book looks awesome.

    Happy weekend Silke!

  8. Da hast du ein paar schöne Kochbücher.
    Ich hab noch nie ien German cookbook auf english gesehen.
    hab ein schönes Wochende

  9. I love used bookstores - you can always find a wonderful treasure there. :) Can't wait to see the lovely recipe you'll share with us tomorrow! Theresa

  10. Great find!
    You were asking for recipes for fresh figs - I stumbled across this today and thought maybe you would like it:

  11. silke, for some reason i've always loved old cookbooks that have those muted color photographs in them. i think that must have been the first cookbook i saw when i was a child.

    two terrific books for sure! i am a fan of german food: my two plus years living in herzogenaurach were culinary adventures.

    happy everyday life to you both!


  12. No wait!!! I still have to bake my doggie biscuits first! Beautiful books you found. I can just imagine the feeling of finding the German book with memories of your Mom. **kisskiss** Deb

  13. Great finds! ah, any kind of bookstore is one of my favorite places in the world! happy cooking!

  14. Now if I would have known you were in Decatur (about 45min away) I would have met up with you! We do keep missing each other! I do miss the German cooking, my mother doesn't cook that way anymore except when company comes over. I'm company too!! Love that second book! Checked it out from the library before, yum oh is all I can see along with the gorgeous photos!
    Hope you have a good weekend!

  15. LOVE all cookbooks too..these look wonderful have been such a supportive and wonderful friend...
    i am so HAPPY to have met you and to be able to call you FRIEND !!!

    sending love to you,
    kary and teddy

  16. The farthest I've ever been out of the U.S. is Canada. You're making me want to visit France and Germany...if only for the food! :-) Have a good weekend!

  17. Hello Hello hello hellooooooo! Oh I have been slacking in my blog officiousness. HAHAHAHA!

    Oh, you and Daniel are living it up. Good for you!

    These books are great. I love cookbooks. Aometimes when I am hungry, I read cookbook. The pictures make me very hungry that I am able to eat something that remotely resembles the pictures. For example, cereal would taste very good while reading a pie recipe book!

    I was reading the instructions for my new toy which I am excited to use tomorrow. My new Mahl Bridge!

    I hope you paint this weekend. Tsup!

  18. Oh Silke - you are killing me with your fabulous cookbooks! i love old cookbooks nd yours are just wonderful. I will be looking forward to another great recipe from you!

    So do you knit when you are in a car for 8 hours? You just know that I do!


  19. I like those cookbooks, the German one reminds me a lot of the one my daughter gave me from her trip to Europe...I left Germany when I was very young and never got to explore Europe like my daughter did. I always wanted to go see the French country looks so idyllic and romantic! (sigh!) oh, well...maybe in another lifetime ;-) Have a great weekend!