Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My New Favorite Dessert!

Thank you for all your great suggestion of how to use the figs that are ripening on the tree right now. You inspired me to check out some of our many cookbooks. In a Moroccan cookbook, it was suggested to just eat them simply with a few walnut pieces and drizzled with good quality honey. 
Can I just say YUM?! I didn't believe that figs could taste any better than they do just by themselves, but I stand corrected. Actually, this is so good it's hard to know when enough is enough...

I hope you are staying cool wherever you are! When it's so hot, it's hard to believe that many of you are experiencing winter right now... Anyway, whatever weather you are experiencing, I wish you a great Tuesday!!


  1. mmmmmmm!
    sounds like candy
    found any ways to make veggies taste like candy? cuz, hate to admit it, not a big veggie fan
    love fruit tho so this time of year is awesome

  2. I do so love fresh figs! I have many fond memories of picking figs and eating them off the tree as a young girl when we would visit Portugal. sadly it's too cold here in the Northeast to have a fig tree :(

  3. Sounds delicious! But I just thought - I love dates wrapped with bacon and then fried - I think I need to try that with fresh figs...
    (Yes, I am hoping it will be time for dinner soon - I'm hungry! LOL)!

  4. Now how could Weight Watchers object to THAT???
    Looks divine! Even more wonderful that you grew them, Oh Beautiful One. **blows kisses** Deb

  5. Happy Tuesday to you, too! Wow - that DOES look amazingly good. I do love figs quite a bit. Yum! Theresa

  6. Figs...walnuts...and honey?! What could be wrong with that?! Answer?...NOTHING!!! Eat away...and have a happy Tuesday! :-)

  7. oh wow!!!! Deborah mentioned your lovely figs!!! these look scrumptious!!!

  8. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm - jetzt weiß ich auch, was ich mit den Feigen mache, die ich heute gekauft habe:-) Yummie!

  9. Wonderful...and yummy..and it looks fabulous!

  10. That sounds like a really good dessert. Sometimes the simplest dishes are the most satisfying.

  11. not fair that i can't get into this because i'm not willing to try figs.

    what's wrong with me, silke?


  12. gosh those figs sound good....

    thanks for the kind words silke...
    you are a dear one

    kary and teddy

  13. YUM, figs. I will try this soon. You are a dear for sharing. Thank you. Did kj say she doesn't like figs?? oh dear.

  14. I adore figs, yum!
    Walnuts and honey sound divine!
    Have a great week,
    LOve and hugs.

  15. oh yum, that sounds amazing. I love simple meals. Thank you.