Wednesday, October 21, 2009

St. Augustine, Florida - Part 2

I tried to post this yesterday, but I was unable to upload photos to blogger. But today it works, so here are the last few pictures from St. Augustine!
We loved some of the old buildings and how everything was so lush in this warm and moist climate!
If you look at the photo below, the white building in the back reminds me of some of the German barns from my childhood.

This was a church that was built by Henry Flagler in memory of his daughter.
It's amazing how different the architecture is just three hours south of where we live. It was spectacular!!
Here the former Ponce de Leon Hotel for the very rich, also built by Henry Flagler, which is now Flagler College. A magnificent campus!

The beautiful Casa Monica Hotel in the background.
A glimpse at the former Alcazar Hotel, also built by Henry Flagler. It now houses a museum and City Hall. The courtyard was very tranquil.
Later that afternoon, the heavens opened and we waited out the storms at The Bunnery. By the time we remembered to take a picture, my giant chocolate cookie was already almost gone...
After the storm, we walked back by the water and the fort.

The next day, the temperature had dropped into the 50's and it was heavenly outside! We decided to have a delicious breakfast of French Toast (see my profile picture) at The Bunnery, walk through the historic town again. Below a picture of an old school house - it was a little creepy in that there were mannequins in the windows that would talk to you. It really startled me at first...

We then paid a visit to the Living History Museum where we had the most fascinating conversations with some of the people working there. Strangely enough, the most interesting chat we had with the wood worker (who was from England) about Norse mythology!

One more trip to the beach (picture taken with our new snaking tripod) before heading home...
And here a toast to all of you!!
Thanks for traveling with us!


  1. I'm so glad I got to come along with you. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Oh my gosh, Silke! What a wonderful trip! Those photos are super - the hotel really reminds me of Granada and so made me want to visit! You both look like you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves!

  4. I love those old buildings! Neat!

  5. Lovely photos, Silke, thank you for sharing! You're right, that building does look a lot like an old country building or barn in Germany! Such a glorious trip!

  6. Oh my goodness Silke, what beautiful places. I love seeing all your photo's.

  7. Hi Silke,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. A special thanks for the link to subsistence pattern food. Always good to network with other people in a similar situation, although their climate looks a little rougher than ours.

  8. well, the saxons helped shape britain into what it is - so that makes sense.

    looks like a great trip

  9. i am just reminded of what a beautiful country this is - and how varied and rich in texture, culture and color. these are places i have never been, but would love to travel to experience. that dragonfly photo is just sooo good - they are a special totem for me and i am always mesmerized by them

  10. Thanks for taking us along Silke!
    Looks like it was fabulous and now I feel like I can almost say I've been too!
    Love a good dark beer myself and there's nothing like a pair of Crocs - you're a girl after my own heart!

  11. Hi Silke!
    I am glad you had a good taste of that part of Florida. Looks like you had great fun and that is so important and wonderful!
    I lived in Southern/west Florida, near Naples.. twice! I got so sick of it.. I wanted HOME.. and came back twice.. Of course finding out that you are going to be a Nana for the first time is a reason to move back right?
    I adapted well, found friends but felt as though it was not home, as florida is everyones home away from home!
    So happy you had fun.. I have many pairs of crocks.. too! Awesome!
    Hugs, DArlene

  12. beautiful pics - thank you for sharing!
    thank you for your post on my blog too....i am going to share more once i am able to process all that i experienced there.
    i can say...that i strongly feel every woman should do something like this retreat - it is beyond words!!!

  13. Oh so cool Silke, I would love to see your art with crackled effect on. So exciting!
    Thank you for sharing this Silke.

    Have a great creative day!


  14. I have no idea who Flagler is...but, now I must go to Google.... must have had a ton of money.... beautiufl shots...