Monday, October 19, 2009

St. Augustine, Florida - Part 1

Come with us on our recent trip to St. Augustine in Florida!
I thought I'd better divide the photos into two posts or you'll be on overload... We found St. Augustine to be a beautiful little old town with interesting and friendly people. It was a little more commercial than we had expected, but the number of good restaurants truly surprised us!

It was also the weekend of the annual Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach and we saw beautiful, gleaming motorcycles and their proud owners everywhere! Many of them were escaping the cold and even snow in their home states for one more trip into summer!
And summer it was - our first two days in St. Augustine were so humid that I felt like I was melting every time I stepped outside. If I were one of those southern women who simply glows beautifully in hot and humid weather, I wouldn't mind. No, I sweat! And not particularly ladylike!
We arrived toward evening and took a stroll through the main streets of the historic town to find the Alehouse where we were going to have dinner. On the way, we saw some gorgeous houses and gardens, among them this community garden with an old well.
Look at this beautiful old wooden house.

At the Alehouse, a microbrewery, we had to sample all of their beers, which were quite good. I guess that's where I am a German at heart. Most women seem to prefer a glass of wine, whereas I'd always go for a good beer...
The birthday boy!
Daniel's oldest sister had given him this very cool tripod for his birthday. You can set it on flat surfaces, but also wrap it around things, which makes it perfect for traveling. We have a series of self-portraits going, where we hold out the camera at arms length and take a picture of ourselves, and this tripod will certainly help with that! Of course, Daniel couldn't resist goofing around with it...
Here one of our "traditional" self-portraits.
The next morning, we had delicious breakfast and went to the beach afterward. What a beach it was - the sand was white and fine like powdered sugar and it looked like we could walk on forever. The fun part was that you drive right onto the beach to park your car. I think it's the first time our little car has seen the ocean...
Big storms approaching from the west.
We then paid a visit to the lighthouse. The surrounding area was filled with the most gorgeous live oaks.

Now just a little comment on my last post about the Joy Diet. Several of you commented on how serious it is. It really isn't, especially for me. I think it would be much more serious and maybe distressing if I weren't already living my dream life. Anything else wonderful that happens for me is simply icing on the cake...

Plus, the book offers much more than I cover and is really quite fun. Most of what she talks about isn't new to me, so I focus in on the parts that give me something to think about. If you read the book, you'd probably focus on something completely different... I'm already having fun with this week's topic of taking risks!

OK, check back in tomorrow for the rest of the St. Augustine photos and then on Wednesday for more art and an award!!


  1. Gruess Gtt Silke! It is so nice to meet you. I have admired Ces' masterly portait of you and followed your exchanges of comments.
    Looks like you had a wonderful time on the birthday trip. We too have one of those snaking tripods...still haven't used it yet.
    A beautful little town you have discovered. I love the leanig live oaks. I have leaning poplars that show which way the prevailing winds blow.

  2. Looks lovely there in St. Augustine, Silke. I have to admit though, I don't seem to be very German myself, because I thoroughly dislike beer. Especially German beer. I believe I was destined to be born in Italy or somewhere else in the Mediterranean area. I soooo prefer the wine and the food there.

  3. What wonderful pics you are sharing with us! I love them and it looks like you're having the best time!! I really love how you say you're 'living your dream life'...I think that's totally awesome!
    Thanks for the happy thoughts you posted to me! I needed them and I loved them! I'm much better today :)

  4. happy birthday to Daniel.
    I adore the tripod pic.
    You are very blessed in your life Silke and even more so because you know it.
    Have a wonderful week

  5. Thanks for the tour of St. Augustine. I want to experience the white sandy beaches of Florida. It looks like you and Daniel had a fine time.

  6. i love florida (and south alabama) beaches - the sand is some of the most gorgeous in the world. looks like a great trip.

  7. Thanks for sharing Silke!! The pics are wonderful! I love both beer and i would had some with!
    Wait till Ces sees the oaks!!!

  8. Hi Silke!!! thank you for know it's always like we are right there with you...these photos are wonderful!!!


  9. Dang! Silke! You are so lovely. I love how Daniel poses for the photographs. I wish the Viking posed for photos like him. It's so much better to have someone in the pictures rather than just the buildings. You really travel a lot! I am so glad you share your adventures with us But But But where's the food?

  10. Nice photos! I like the clapboard house and the idea of driving right onto the beach. I thought that was only done at Daytona. Glad you guys enjoyed the special b'day weekend.

  11. hi silke! i'm SO glad you had a good trip to st. captured the spirit of the city so beautifully in all of your photos!

    and i really loved your comment about the joy diet. i'm not reading the book, but i always appreciate your positive attitude towards life's situations.....i think it's wonderful that you're living a life of "icing on the cake". well said!! :)

  12. Silke, thank you for taking us along on your journey. I have enjoyed the trip from my chair and look forward to the rest of the photos. I'm glad Daniel doesn't mind us coming along. ;-)

  13. A really great blog. I have been going to St Augustine since the late 60's, and it's still as amazing today as back then. Excellent photo's. All the best.

  14. St. Augustine is even more beautiful than I thought. It's definitely on my list of places to see with my Mr. C.

    And I'm with you, my dear fellow German, I'll take a well-crafted beer any time. No need to twist my arm!


  15. I am assuming that you were thirsty.

    Love you dear Silke.

    Renee xoxoo

  16. Beautiful place! I love the old house. You two have such a glow about lucky in love! I love beer...I love wine...I love having a good time!! LOL Hugs to you and Daniel!

  17. Loved your post to bits. The second photo top to bottom has such a strong contrast between bikers and architecture in the background.

    Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  18. Hi! Thanks to you all for your lovely comment and for coming with us on our trip! I so appreciate your comments... Come check out the last part of our road trip! Hugs, Silke