Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Joy Diet - Chapter 5 - Risk

Well, this week of "Risk" in the exploration of The Joy Diet by Martha Beck, hosted by wonderful Jamie Ridler, has been the hardest for me so far - not the actual risk-taking, but because I disagree with the concept of doing something that frightens me every day that will lead to the fulfillment of my dreams.
I don't believe in "feeling the fear and doing it anyway." I know that if I still feel fear when I am to launch into action, I either haven't don't enough inner work to calm my fears or the action is plain wrong for me.
Even when I went kayaking a few weeks ago (you can read about it here) and had to confront one of my biggest fears, by the time I was ready to start the lesson, I was ready. I may have been a little nervous, but I had faced my fears internally first and discovered how irrational they were before I started the lesson. And I KNEW that when I was done with the capsizing, I would thoroughly enjoy the rest of the lesson.
I believe in going with the flow of life and when I renamed that chapter "Opportunities," Martha Beck and I were on the same page again.
Let's face it, everything in life involves risk - even getting out of bed in the morning!
But how do I know that I am moving toward the achievements of my small and big dreams?
(All photos were taken by Daniel on a beautiful three-mile stretch along the Savannah River.)

If at the end of the day I have happily taken advantage of all the opportunities that have presented themselves, trusting that going with the flow of life MUST lead to the fulfillment of all my dreams!

Risky? You bet!

Worth it? Absolutely!

Not only that, but it's fun and surprising and will lead to places yet unexplored, joys ready to be discovered, friends waiting to be met and dreams manifesting in front of my eyes...

Seven months ago, I followed the opportunities, went with the flow of life even though it seemed to be going in a new direction altogether, and now I find myself painting, blogging and exchanging ideas with all of you. That's all the proof I need!


  1. I do believe you are right...there is a fine line between conquering your fears and ignoring 'gut feelings' that are there for a reason. Sometimes our intuition serves a real purpose and it could be dangerous to ignore it. We must however be careful not to be dominated by our fears lest they cripple us.

  2. Wonderful insights, Silke! Please tell Daniel, beautiful photos! Just gorgeous!
    And thank you for your sweet comment - awww, you made me blush!

  3. Terrific post Silke!! I seem to want to face the physical fears but not my emotional ones.... go figure! Rock climbing was great but my biggest challenges are inside of me!!
    I just need to jump!!
    Thanks for the post!!

  4. The thing is, sometimes your life gets squashed while you aren't doing anything risky at all. Safety is not guaranteed.

  5. Beautiful photographs to accompany your beautiful thoughts!! I love that you renamed the chapter "Opportunities" because it resonates so much more truthfully for you!! Brava!! I think this is one of the biggest leaps when using "self help" make it fit, to make it work for you in the best way that it can!

  6. really not bad at all, your joy diet. we should all try it.
    sag mal, sind das selbstgebackene Apfeltaschen auf deinem neuen photo? Lecker sehen die aus, was immer sie sind. Schick mal eine davon zu mir hier in UK!

  7. I loved this post Silke.
    Adapting and changing something to fit or suit your mind is brilliant to me.
    A lot of times most of us will just stop here and not go any further and feel like a failure when it may not be the case at all.
    It may be that someone elses words and mind set are not ours and we have to work through that.
    Have a beautiful day,
    Love and hugs.

  8. Thank you for this post. I always enjoy reflecting on the subject of fear. It is something that has controlled my life forever, but over the past few years I've been able to let it go. Maybe it has to do with age but what ever it is so freeing and so wonderful-life is so good.

  9. I agree with you, Silke -- I don't believe in moving ahead in fear. And knowing about LOA as I do, there doesn't seem to be much to fear, since I know if i change my thinking/vibration, I can get the result I want. Thanks for another great post!

  10. There are things I dream of doing and saying, but I'm too afraid to let them out. I think about lost opportunities, and that makes me sad sometimes. Hmmm. I should just follow in your footsteps and take the leap.

    Daniel is an incredible artist! Saw his illustrations down below, and I was floored. Such creativity in your house. Wooooo!

  11. Speaking of joy, thanks for making me laugh via your post on my blog.:) It's just my opinion, but you have already got all this joy stuff figured out.

  12. Oh my God, Silke. Your comment. I don't think I deserve such powerful words, but you touched me to the very core. Thank you.


  13. I'm 100% with you...listen to your's your gut and no-one can change that feeling.

  14. Hi Silke!!! what a great post!!! I always follow my leads me to be truly happy!!!


  15. Oh Silke, let me tell you there were things that I did because I was a daredevil and a risk taker but somethings still paralyze me. For years I have been trying to throw the demons and skeletons of fears that haunt me in doing some of the very simple things that I used to do with great skill and competence. I don't know why my brain behaves that way. The greatest fear and stumbling block is not what others set out for me but what I set out for myself. I need more courage.

  16. Wonderful thoughts and great points! I love how you renamed the chapter Opportunities... for me, each moment is a risk, each moment is an opportunity..... we choose what we want to make of it... :)

  17. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful post. I really like how you took the chapter and made it work for you by renaming it. I also really love your pictures.

  18. thank you for reminding me that even when asking whether i am doing or being or going in the right direction, that life gives us opportunities and to have faith