Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Knit, Knit, Knit...

Some of you may have been wondering where I've been lately. Things have been so busy here between friends visiting this weekend and then lots of projects I had to get knit. I made the baby booties for our neighbor's baby shower, which was this afternoon. Aren't they so cute?! I love knitting little things with such tiny needles.
And then I had a run on my scarves on eBay. I like to knit ahead, but here I was just knitting to keep up. I'm not complaining though - it's nice that they are selling! When I looked at the little dish I put all the yarn snippets in, I just had to take a picture, they looked so colorful!
And this is the only scarf I knit that isn't spoken for and is going in my Etsy knit shop tonight. Even though it was warm, warm, warm today, I needed to knit something for fall and winter. It's that time of the year, right?!
I am so happy you still visit my blog even if I haven't had time to come by yours. I miss you all and will be by soon to read what you've been up to!! In the meantime, I send you all a big cyber hug!


  1. Paintings or knitting, it's all inspirational. I love the yarns.

  2. You go girl - you are a knitting fool! How awesome they are quickly selling too!
    Don't worry - you're not getting rid of me just because you don't always have time to visit my blog! I'm not going anywhere!

  3. silke, you are so talented!! and i echo what beth said....go ahead and try to get rid of us! hee hee :))

  4. Miss you. But glad you are ok and that you are busy with good stuff. Glad to hear your stuff is selling that is good news all around.

  5. i love the bootie pattern at the top - one of my personal favs. one expectant mother i knit them for called them "Baby Space Booties"
    i myself have been knitting up a storm as well
    christmas and cool weather are fanning the flames of my flying knitting needles

  6. I WISH I could knit...and will learn one day...your creations are beautiful...such precious booties, I'm sure they're over the moon!
    Hey, we all get busy...we all just want to make sure our friends are well.
    Have a lovely tomorrow...

  7. I really admire your knitting talent. I'm not at all good at that. Good to hear everyone wants your scarves!!

  8. The baby booties are adorable! Glad you are busy with good things, and congrats on all your sales!

  9. Hi dear Silke,
    I love your knittings, in all the wonderfull colors, and your new one too, here it is also the feeling of winter soon to arriwe, and I love that, -then it will soon be possible to decorate for christmass....
    Hugs ,Dorthe

  10. Beautiful knittings Silke! I am almost finished with my huge scarf that goes with the hat I knitted (picture on my blog). I will post a picture of the scarf too. Four of my friends wants me to knit them the same, but I think I´ll pass. You are much more efficient than me. I like knitting, but I do not have the patience to knit the same thing all over again. And I promise you that I will always come visit your blog even if you are busy. It is good that you are busy with creative things! Hugs Annika ;)

  11. Wonderful, Love the baby booties!

  12. Hey Silke - those little boots are adorable!! Glad everything is well with you, I've been busy too & I'm only just catching up with all my blog reading.

    Tweet soon

    Sarah xxx

  13. Hugs to you...
    Your knitted booties are so sweet. And scarves too.
    My knitting is so terrible and wonky all I do is knit long scarf like things. They are awful, full of mistakes...but always in brilliant colours. And I wear them anyway.

  14. Oh diese Babyschuechen sind ja soooo suess.

  15. Hi Silke! You are so gifted! Those little baby booties are adorable! What a great present to receive from you! Wishing you continued success on all your sales. You deserve it! Your new scarf is lovely! Looks so warm and colorful. Thanks for your sweet visit! I really appreciate your comment on my ACEO's. Have a wonderful day!

    Lisa :)