Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grand Oaks and Flowers...

Tomorrow, I'll have more art to show, but for today I had this little surprise when I downloaded some pictures earlier. I found these images of giant oaks at Wormsloe Plantation, grand houses on the Isle of Hope and Spanish moss from when my friend visited. Every time I see the grandeur of these trees I am awed. And the Spanish moss hanging from the branches lets you know that you are in the South!

And here a few finds from our own, modest garden - it has LOVED the two weeks of record rainfall. There are little mushrooms coming up everywhere and Daniel found this group of tiny ones in our vegetable patch. Aren't they just perfect?
A little sunflower planted by the birds.
Pink yarrow and yellow lantana - we planted them last year and they looked pitiful after the hot summer, but this year, they are strong and beautiful!
Our gorgeous and very prolific hydrangeas.
Fun balloon flowers popping up everywhere.
And the first creeping gardenia blossoms - the most wonderful smelling ground cover!
Unfortunately, our two big gardenia bushes bloomed during the last two rainy weeks, so we cut the last few perfect blossoms to enjoy in the house. The scent is heavenly...
Tomorrow, I will have more art to show you...


  1. I do really love those trees you have there... they are so beautiful!!!

  2. I love the old houses of the south. I want to come a visit. It looks like such a beautiful place. Looks like hydrangeas really like it in the south,mine are not very happy here.

  3. Gorgeous moss! And the houses, immense and beautiful! Lovely shots.

  4. Beautiful pictures, lovely garden! It is sooo cool to see how differnt it is!

  5. Live oaks, yes completely southern! Erik and I got married under the live oaks next to a beautiful river!

  6. How majestic are those lovely oaks and that beautiful house is just eye-popping! Beautiful shots Silke - and I so love the cute little itty bitty mushrooms, adorable! Cheers Val xxoo

  7. Gardenias - how heavenly! I too love those huge, old trees. They make me think of the south, and how romantic it once was~
    Thank you for sharing,

  8. I love your tiny tiny faery circle! Great that you put the quarter there to show how small and sweet it is! Thanks. When we lived in Alabama, I loved the way the moss would sway in the otherworldly forests of the South. Thanks for the great post! Blessings friend.

  9. Such beautiful beautiful place. I am going to put a picture of my house in my blog too so you can see what it looks like where I am being creative.
    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog:)

  10. I love the pictures of this post, specially the beautiful white and grey house with the oaks, and the yellow flower, and also the blue ballum flowers. Very colourful...