Monday, May 18, 2009

Beautiful Savannah

Every time we walk through Savannah, we are struck by the beauty of this old city - from the majestic live oaks to the gorgeous buildings, the secret gardens, wide front porches, the Savannah River and the harbor.

If you look closely at the live oak in the picture below, you can see the resurrection ferns growing on the branches. The ferns have loved all the rain lately and are lush and green!
This weathered old building is The Pirates' House where Robert Louis Stevenson is said to have written Treasure Island. It has been an inn and tavern since 1753.

A fisherman in front of two pilot boats by the harbor.
A view of the old buildings of River Street and City Hall from Hutchinson Island.
It sure has been fun showing my dear friend around our area. Aside from playing tourist, it's great to see your life through someone else's eyes, especially someone who has known me my whole life. Well, today it rained pretty much all day, so we decided to stay in and make some art, which was so much fun! My piece is almost done and I'll post it tomorrow, so make sure to check back in!


  1. Such a nice tour around town - so different from Europe! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Silke hallo,
    Thanks so much for sweet comment----
    And what a tour you had, it`s the most beautifull fictures ,like taken from: "Gone with the wind" what an adventure to see that in real.
    xo Dorthe

  3. Hello Silke, what a wonderful pictures! Savannah is very beautiful, Here in Murcia, we don,t have such a green trees, is very diferent, beaucause the weather is so different too.

  4. Beautiful! I just love the name 'Savannah'!

  5. I have always wanted to go there...what a lovely place.

  6. Hallo Silke! How lucky you are to live in such a beautiful place! I've always wanted to visit Savannah, but haven't been there, yet! It looks a bit like Charleston, South Carolina, which I was lucky enough to visit many years ago. I love the South!

    I'm glad you are having such a nice visit with your dear friend.

    Alles, alles Gute!

    Bis bald,

  7. I just love those trees, so amazing, will be adding Savannah to my places to go list.

  8. Hi everyone! Thanks for all your great comments! Yes, Savannah is a beautiful place and (aside from the heat and bugs) we really love it here! Definitely a place worth visiting...:) Silke

  9. these post the "mushroom art a super visiosn while I take my coffee break and blog. thanks for the "bruce" support.. Julie

  10. Silke,
    These are seriously good photographs and I just love the framing with the trees. Great!
    Best wishes