Saturday, May 9, 2009


Alright, here it is, my second pastel painting. The style is much more folk art than my previous pieces, but I think it turned out well considering how tricky I find pastels to work with. This time I used a textured surface and really liked the tactile aspect of the whole process, using the pastel sticks and my fingers to blend the colors. I was a colorful mess afterwards, but it was definitely worth it!

I do have to laugh about how serious my girls look, at least the lovely lady on the left. She looks like she doesn't like to have her picture taken, but I hope she is smiling on the inside...

This afternoon, I am going to start another background using image transfers. I love the unpredictability of the end result and can't wait to show you tomorrow what I end up with!

Until then...enjoy your weekend!!


  1. I love the look of pastels. I am not a painter but I understand they are tricky to work with. I give you credit for such a nice painting, I like the faces their "makeup" is nice and natural looking.

  2. Excellent friends! The vine really makes it! I love framing with vines, too. It gives it such a lovely feel. Blessings friend from Amy.

  3. What a sweet picture - amazing pastel work. I love the hearts :) Jo

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my site so that I could in turn find yours. It is wonderful! You are very talented~

  5. YES, !!! You deserve the textured paper it makes all the difference! The primitive style really works Oh and I want a voodoo lily in my back yard. Thanks for the Peanut Support. She is on the bed with me now staring at me while I eat a frozen Pizza. ( I am not as healthy as you ) Sat. nights are my junk food nights My treat after teaching all day. hugs j

  6. Aww, this is marvelous and sweet! I love the heart vine, and they do look like they make such wonderful friends. And I am sure she is smiling on the inside.

    My husband gets frustrated with me, because when we watch something crazy-silly like Robot Chicken, he's laughing hysterically and I'm sitting there with hardly a smile on my face. He gets so dismayed that I'm not splitting my sides like he is, and I tell him, "I'm laughing on the INSIDE, honey. The inside."

  7. Raina said...
    Beth's anecdote on laughing on the inside made my heart laugh:-)
    Silke, I like the green background with the vines. It sort of seals the friendship of these ladies. The lady in front (with the short hair) is looking straight into 'the camera'. The one in the back is slightly tilting her head saying: 'your looking at, I am looking at you'. hahaha