Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year!

I still remember when we were all worried the world might end with January 1, 2000 because of Y2K. Our neighbors back then stocked up on firewood just in case, which they gave to us after midnight came and went and nothing happened. We didn't have to buy firewood for years!

And now it's 2020. Hard to believe that 20 years have passed. Especially since none of us are getting any older, right?!
This last year has been really wonderful at my new job. I really, really love what I do and I finally feel settled enough with working full-time after so many years of not working in a "regular" job that I am finding time and the frame of mind for other things. 

The Christmas season was cozy and quiet for us. We both seemed to want to cocoon rather than entertain or be out and about. We did travel to Richmond, Virginia one weekend to see a fantastic Edward Hopper exhibit, which was so inspiring!
Speaking of cocooning ... our year ended with this minor miracle in our garden. We got to watch a monarch butterfly transform from a caterpillar to butterfly in five weeks. I think it took so long because it's not so warm at the moment.
 Isn't the cocoon gorgeous? A little work of art!
And then one day you can see the butterfly through the now translucent cocoon and you know it will hatch that night.
The next morning, I got to watch it unfold. Nature is nothing short of amazing! 
Even though I haven't been in my studio yet (there's still hope I will get back there... :)), I have been doing a lot of knitting. Right now I am finishing up another entrelac scarf with gorgeous Noro yarn. It's such a fun pattern and I finally don't have to look at the instructions anymore while knitting!
I found a link on another blog of a site in Scandinavia, where you can create your own calendar/planner and use your own photo/artwork on the front cover. It arrived just in time for 2020! Let the planning begin! 
On Monday, the quarter starts for our students and things will get much busier at work. It's been nice to have it a little quieter to get caught up on a few things, but I'm looking forward to seeing the students and professors again.

I hope your 2020 is starting out well and wish you health, joy and happy surprises for the next year!



  1. Miracles abound! So lovely to see you blogging again. I've done a bit myself. May this New Year be filled with JoY, miracles, and butterflies.

    **blows kisses**

  2. You are right, the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly is a miracle!
    It is good to read from you again, Silke, and knowing that you love your job and have settled nicely into this new chapter of your life.

  3. Wow, wow and wow on this post!! Maybe I am wrong but didn't your blog name used to be "Metamorphosis"? So, that is perfect for you to see the butterfly from the caterpillar!!
    And that scarf is just lovely! You know I am now enjoying the bright pink knitted scarf that you made and sent to me! Not to mention Freya with her owl on her shoulder!!
    Oh, I am just tickled PICK that you are doing so well. Happy 2020 to you! xx

  4. May that beautiful butterfly be an omen for 2020! Happy New Year!