Thursday, January 2, 2020

Edward Hopper Exhibit

A few weeks ago we drove to Richmond, VA especially to see this Edward Hopper exhibit. We are both great fans of this magnificent artist.
I have much more to share of Richmond, but first I wanted to show you some photos I took at the exhibit.
They aren't the best photos. Even though it was allowed to photograph the art, I always feel like I'm doing something I shouldn't be doing.
What I found most fascinating were seeing some of his preliminary sketches next to the final artwork and the changes he ended up making. 

Now, here we have an actual hotel room (below) that was recreated from the painting above. 
What we found out just this morning from a radio interview, you could book this hotel room for $150 a night. There would be guards around at night, but we could have slept in a Hopper painting! If only we had known...



  1. How fortunate you are to have been able to see this exhibition! Hopper is such an American icon of painting, isn't he!

  2. Hopper is an artist Immuch admire, too. How wonderful to see his sketches next to the finished work! I am currently reading a biography of Leonardo da Vinci, with some of the illustrations also showing what preparatory work he did for some of his paintings.

  3. Stay in that hotel next time you go!

  4. Beautiful exhibit! Enjoy your travels; I am!