Monday, November 23, 2015

What a View!!

We spent last evening with friends at the Top Deck in Savannah, a rooftop bar/restaurant on River Street.
While the conversation was great, we all kept getting distracted by the stunning sunset and the freighters drifting by. I couldn't resist taking several photos!
There is something about commercial ships and ports that I love!
Just look at the sunlight on this ship!

The clouds were spectacular!

And the setting sun was bathing everything in a rosy light.
This is one of my favorite views in Savannah for sure! I don't think I'll ever get tired of it...
Monday is almost done here, but still I wish you a great evening and a fantastic Tuesday morning to those of you who will get there before us...



  1. Certainly the best kind of distraction :-)
    Lovely pictures. There is something about sunsets that speaks to me; it always has been so from when I was a little girl. My room was facing west, and I often knelt on my bed (placed underneath the window) to watch the sun set over the hill in the next small town from mine.