Saturday, November 21, 2015

My Studio

This last September we had a bunch of work done on our house. One of the rooms being updated was my studio. First, Daniel and I painted it -- finally after nine years in the house! And then we had the old carpet taken out and laminate flooring put in. It changed the whole feel of the room!
The nook with the bed has become very cozy - although you can see I still have to arrange more books around it.
We also put shelving up on the wall and I brought all my German books and my art books into my studio. Can you tell we love books?
Daniel painted an unfinished door for me to use as a table between the bookshelves and I propped it up on two storage cubes, where I can hide some of my painting mess and keep a bunch of file folders out of sight!
I have a nice corner for my easel and my new ikea storage cart makes it easy to have my supplies both at my drawing table or at the easel.
As you can probably see, I have no art up on the walls yet. That's very normal for me - some people like to finish all the decorating first. I like to just move in, have it feel good and then get to work with my art.
I'll probably take some time over the holidays to move in completely, but frankly with books and art supplies it's already close to perfect...
And when we have more guests than our guest room can hold, it's easy to break everything down and make this into a cozy bedroom. Well, once the extra books are off the bed...
With that said, I'm off to my studio to paint a little more. Now that our art show is over, I have all kinds of creative energy...

Wishing you a beautiful and happy Saturday!!



  1. It's a lovely room, and does not really need any more decoration - already your work(s) in progress and the books give the eye so much to see! More decoration would be a little overwhelming and distract from your wonderful art.

  2. I love your studio! The wall color is wonderful!

  3. what fun to see your creative space. those blues are awesome xoxo

  4. I'd love to take a nap in that bed, surrounded by books!

  5. Such good energy there...and color and light...
    Thanks for leaving a note on my blog...I may open a different one next year, but for now I am loving creating my art privately!