Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Mystery & Magic of Change

Change - it happens every moment of every day and it's definitely not always welcome in my life. Theoretically I like change just fine, but sometimes it's easier to like it in my mind than in my actual life.

But then I realized how many of the things I love to do aren't done unless I put them through a deliberate process of transformation. Like the felted slippers I make every year.
They go from being a ball of yarn to being knitted into giant socks. (Do you notice how Winslow isn't impressed in the photo below?!)
Then they go into the washing machine, which adds water and heat and friction...
 ... and when they come out: perfect!! (For anyone interested, this is the pattern I use, click on the link: Felted Slipper Socks. The $5 I paid for the pattern has been a very worthwhile investment!)
Another example of welcome change is baking. Yesterday I made bread and had a moment of marvel.
Add liquid to the dry ingredients and you get this:
Then add heat and the result is the most delicious bread! Again: perfect. Not lasting, but perfect at that moment.
It's really not much different from life, is it? Everything has to go through change in order to become more, different and a new version of "perfect in the moment." No matter how much I try to hold on sometimes, nothing ever stays the same. And really, when I think about my life and where it is now, that is perfect in itself. What I need to remember is that different does not automatically mean worse. In fact it can mean better and better and better!
Here are some beautiful flowers for you, gorgeous souls! Perfection in the moment!

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday!!



  1. a welcomed reminder with great examples.

    might be time to bake some bread here by the sea….


  2. Schöne warme Filzpantoffel hast du gemacht
    und was leckeres gebacken!