Monday, January 26, 2015

Inspiration, Synchronicity and Stephanie Plum

So. Inspiration. A good topic. And an interesting topic for me. I get a lot of inspiration from the usual things: being out in nature, art, playing with our pets, reading inspirational books, listening to mediations, good music, etc.
Keeping Watch (Detail)
Acrylics on 12 x 12 in. canvas
However, when push comes to shove and I really need an energy and mood booster, I turn to Stephanie Plum. Yes, I admit it! Who is she you ask? Well, she's the bounty hunter heroine of a series of 21 (so far) books by Janet Evanovich.
I should say though that I don't read the books, I listen to the audio versions and after all of these years, the characters are like old friends to me. Last week, I started over with the first one! For probably the third or fourth time. They have seen me through tough days, two moves across country, many flights, car rides and are my constant companion when I clean house.

I often wonder why they are such an important part of my life. There's not much that's deep about these books, they are just pure fun and suspense. They make me laugh out loud. A lot! Some of the characters (like the unstoppable Grandma Mazur, my favorite character next to Stephanie's colorful sidekick Lula) approach life with a zest that I find incredibly inspiring and enviable: with excitement and anticipation, never worried, fearful or feeling the need to conform.
Keeping Watch 
Acrylics on 12 x 12 in. canvas
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So here's where the synchronicity part comes in. Last week, the day after I started listening to the first one again, Daniel told me that Janet Evanovich was going to be the opening speaker at this year's Savannah Book Festival!!!! Yes!! I immediately checked online, got tickets and we are going to go see her in a couple of weeks. Pinch me, I still can't believe it!
Painting in Progress! 
I tell you, I've shaken hands with the Prince of Wales before and was not as nervous as I will be at this event. I'm so grateful to her and for books like that (and I have a few series that I hold almost as dear) - the ones that are light and fun and entertaining. There's a time for serious literature, but mostly in my life anymore I want to laugh and feel uplifted. Because it's from this uplifted and light place that I feel most inspired to make my art.
And another painting in progress!

And with that, dear friends, I'm going to put on my headphones and Stephanie and I are going to go paint for a little while...

P.S. They made the first book into a movie, which was ok. But the books are way better!!